Hall Of Fame

This is the Water Vikings’ Hall of Fame. Only the best, the greatest and the most influential Vikings are inducted into this Great Hall.

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* – CPAC Legend


– Zakster* –

Father Viking

Founder and former leader of the Water Vikings. Zakster created the Water Troops, one of the two armies that merged to create the Water Vikings. Recognized as one of the greatest leaders and easily one of the most important figures in Water Vikings history, he led every generation of the Water Vikings until 2014. For a long time, he was considered to be the figurehead of the Water Vikings empire, leading them during the Blue Summer of 2013, in which the Water Vikings reached 2nd in the Top Ten. Even when he isn’t leading, he is a very tactful and helpful adviser and is always there for WV. Outside of the Water Vikings, Zakster is known for his accomplishments as the leader of the Underground Mafias Army and the Nachos, as well as being the seventh acting Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central, and has recently joined Kingfunks4 as WV Hall of Famers who are recognized as CPAC Legends.

– Jed Pen –

Führer Viking

Founder and former leader of the Water Vikings. He created the Masked Vikings, one of the two armies that merged to create the Water Vikings. Alongside co-creator Zakster, Jed Pen led the Water Vikings to become the top medium army in early 2011, which was capped off by a close loss against the Light Troops in a SMAC tournament. After the death of the first generation, Jed Pen returned to the Water Vikings in May of 2011, where he inspired the army to change their name to the Pirates. Alongside Zakster, Bepboy9, and Skyfish, Jed led the Pirates into the CPAC Top Ten. Now retired, he often visits to give advice to the current leaders and help out.

– Soccerman179 –

Golden Viking

One of the staple troops of the first generation and an important leader in the second generation. Soccerman179 led the Masked Vikings alongside Jed Pen, but was bumped down to 2nd-in-Command after the merge. As a 2nd-in-Command, he sometimes acted as if he was a third leader, quickly proving to be a valuable member of the Water Vikings. He was promoted to Leader late in the first generation. After the death of the first generation, Soccerman179 led the second generation alongside Zakster, and was recognized as a major reason for their success, reaching the CPAC Top Ten for the first time. Now retired, Soccerman179 visits every now and then to check up on the army.

– Bepboy9 –


God Viking

Bepboy9 was one of the first troops in the Water Vikings, and is now recognized as one of their greatest leaders. After serving the army well through the first two generations, Bepboy9 was awarded leader once the Water Vikings changed their name to the Pirates. After the Pirates died, Bepboy9 became a staple of the Water Vikings army, leading every generation since the third generation in late 2011. He was one of the leaders in the famous trio of late 2012, which led the army into the Blue Summer of 2013. After much success throughout 2013, Bepboy9 led the Water Vikings to success again in 2014-2015, where they held a position inside the Top 5 for 19 weeks straight, even reaching 1st at one point. In the summer of 2015, Bepboy9 led the Water Vikings to the Finals of the Legends Cup VI, where they arguably lost a close and controversial battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, despite hitting record sizes of 80+.

– Dashing Snow –


Nacho Viking

One of the greatest leaders in Water Vikings history. Dashing Snow was recruited into the Water Vikings in November 2012 by Zakster, after the two had worked closely together in the Nachos. Along with Bepboy9, they led the Water Vikings to what at the time was their greatest era. Under Dash, the Water Vikings quickly became a Top Ten regular, instead of an occasional contender like they had been before. He led into the famous Blue Summer of 2013, where the Water Vikings reached 2nd in the Top Ten. He later led the Water Vikings during a stretch where they were inside the Top 5 for 19 weeks straight, even reaching 1st at one point. He is strongly recognized for his influence in the tactical side of the Water Vikings, as well as being able to create a more cohesive atmosphere. Dash is recognized for his accomplishments not just in the Water Vikings, but in the Nachos as well, where he led them to become one of the most powerful armies of 2012.

– Kingfunks4* –


Viking King

Kingfunks4 is recognized as one of the greatest leaders in Water Vikings history, and currently stands as the only member of the Hall of Fame to be granted the title of Army Legend. He is strongly recognized for his accomplishments in 2013 and 2015, however. Funks first led the Water Vikings in the third generation, and afterwards became a recurring leader throughout the Water Vikings’ history. In 2013, Kingfunks4 merged his army, the Federation, into the Water Vikings, which was recognized as the catalyst for the Blue Summer of 2013, where the Water Vikings reached 2nd in the Top Ten. After a bit, he came back to the Water Vikings in mid-2015, where he contributed heavily to an unprecedented Cinderella run in the Legends Cup VI. Despite an arguable loss to the Rebel Penguin Federation in the finals, the Water Vikings were able to hit record sizes of 80+. Outside of the Water Vikings, Kingfunks4 is recognized for his great achievements as leader of the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors, as well as serving as Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central twice, once alongside fellow Water Vikings legend, Zakster. In retirement he guided and aided the army and future leaderships to ensure continued success following the 2015 leadership. He is not only one of the best leaders the army has ever had, but one of the best leaders in CP Army History.

– Change –


Change Viking

Change first joined the Water Vikings in March, 2013 as a member. Through sheer devotion and a unique work ethic he quickly ascended up the ranks, and became leader in a record time. The novice leader proved his worth and ability, leading WV into the CP Army Central Top 5 and beyond. Hand in hand with fellow leaders, and legends, Bepboy9, Tylund and Dash, Change led this generation of WV to sizes of 50+, the most they had ever gotten at that time. Disappearing from the community for a few years, tales and whispers of a great leader returning sparked up in 2014. Change finally made his grand return to his home army in 2015, after being trialed as a L.I.T, Change quickly shook off any rust and was appointed leader at the end of Summer. Within weeks of his appointment, WV rose greatly. A part of the leadership that hit 80 at the Legends Cup Final, Change took over the reigns as a main leader, revolutionizing WV’s recruiting efforts. Along with his fellow leaders, Change dramatically defeated the N.D.A in a vicious 5 vs 1 war against WV.  Change spear-headed wars and battles against the root of corruption in this community, DCP. Maintaining sizes of nearly 35+ in every battle and single-handedly battling corruption when nobody else would, Change stands among some of the best leaders the Water Vikings has ever had.

– Jack283 –

Modern Viking

Jack283 was in the process of rejoining the Ice Warriors during Andrew’s reign. He sensed that Andrew was being unjust and Jack283 searched for just and to return his beloved army, the Ice Warriors. He assisted KingFunks4 in returning and resuming his role as leader of the Ice Warriors in which Jack283 received his rank of 3ic. He worked his way up to 2ic in a short period of time, when IceyFeet returned Andrew to power and then Jack283 followed Kingfunks4 during the mass exodus of the Ice Warriors, in which a large number of troops left to loyally follow KingFunks4 and joined the Water Vikings, sparking the major rise of 2015. Jack283 even being the first one to pawn the name “The Exodus” on the entire event. Following this, Jack283 was given a rank of Leader In Training. He served the Water Vikings that summer, assisting with the major rise until he finally retired just short of the summer ending. He then returned on the 1st of January, taking a roll as 2ic in the Water Viking’s ranks. He always stayed loyal and didn’t care what rank he received, even when other armies offered him ranks such as leader. He quickly moved up the ranks and within 2 weeks he was leading the army alongside Katie. He lead the army like this throughout the whole winter, and never left, showing his activity the whole time as he constantly recruited and made huge efforts to keep the army alive. The army, even reaching 2nd in CPAC at one point, stayed alive for 4 months under Jack283, until he announced he was planning a retirement, and the army, in his absence and Katie’s, fell into inactivity, and was closed down by KingFunks4, ending the golden age. Jack283 then decided to return to the army during the following summer, as once again, a leader. Due to his outstanding efforts of leading the army to 1st in CPAC after just 1 event at the end of the week (they re-opened on a saturday) he was inaugurated into the Greatest Leaders/Troops page to show respect towards him! He continued leading the army, keeping them first on CPAC through the WHOLE summer, disregarding 1 week where Jack283 was on leave and the army came 2nd. Following this, he decided to retire, leading to the activity of the army falling, many troops losing confidence in the army and the army quickly lost motivation. Then, in an attempt to revive the army’s state, Jack283 was given a rank in the Panel Of Godfathers, but to no avail. He wasn’t active enough to play any major part in recruiting, hyping, etc and then KingFunks4 retired and the army was closed down.


These people have gone far beyond the call of duty for WV and their legacy is present today, both on this page and in every battle we have.

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