Greatest Leaders/Troops

This page is dedicated to the individuals who achieved greatness in their Water Vikings career both as leader or as a troop but just missed out on the Hall Of Fame. This is the second tier of Water Vikings Legend, these are respected individuals in the army but are not considered full legends. For out FULL legends page, please click here.


Greatest Leaders:



Charizard was leader of WV on two occasions during their medium days and returned once when WV were in need of help, and helped them rise again but had to retire due to personal problems. Around the time of his retirement WV almost reached major.


Our retired 2ic. Skate was a loyal troop in his time, but overtime became inactive. He caused one of WV’s surges of power, that got us higher. He shall always be remembered.


Sledderboy was a very active troop, ranking himself up from mod to leader rank. He contributed greatly to one of WV’s first rises. He returned many times to become leader and on one occasion 2ic. He is one of the main reasons we are here today. A true legend to WV.


He was first leader when he revived WV with Bepboy9 and they managed to rise to major standards but weren’t too successful. His real shine showed when he became leader of WV during their Summer of 2013 Golden Age and he again showed his amazing leadership skills by helping WV propel in the next generation.


Skyfish helped to form the Pirates, and was one of the reasons they succeeded.


Revived WV in the 3rd Generation, led them to their first major top ten ranking. Greatly respected by leaders and troops alike.


Lead with Twitchy, Zak, and Bepboy during the 3rd Generation and got them their first major ranking.


Lead during the “Blue Summer” era. Was a major reason WV was able to succeed.


Lead during the “Blue Summer” era. Was a major reason WV was able to succeed.


Led during WV’s first achievement of 1st place on CPAC. Was a great reason why WV was able to succeed, along with other leaders. Also lead WV to peak sizes, of 38+ and 40+. Was a major help during the SWAT & DCP wars.


Nothing special here, average as it comes.


A war leader, led WV twice, once during the “Blue Summer” and once again during the final stand of WV in 2016. Broke sizes of 60+.


A young aspiring leader, worked his way slowly through the ranks before being crowned leader of WV. Full of potential


Greatest Troops:



Probably one of the greatest ever people in WV to never achieve the rank of leader. Stood with WV for many years through thick and thin until eventually betraying WV for RPF. We forgive him though, whether he likes it or no.


Our former 3ic,  James has stuck with us since the beginning. In the early generations, he worked his way up from mod to nearly leader and was one of the most loyal troops the army had ever seen.


Moses was WVs first ever troop and no doubt was he a loyal one! Although Moses went inactive for quite some time during one generation, he definitely helped WV get to where we are today and there is no reason for him not to be up here.


The one who began our career. This past 2ic, now retired, got us our first publicity EVER, shooting us to become larger than we were before. Without him, we would have just been a noob army. He has returned in a few generations, returning to his rank of 2ic. Kooldude247 definitely deserves to be here and is a perfect example of a great troop.


 She ranked her way up to 2ic (highest owner rank at the time). Teigan joined on December of 2014 and retired on May of 2015. Although she has not been a Water Viking for years, she is still considered one of the best troops of that era. Teigan was known to be the most active troops and was nice and friendly with everyone. She was offered the position of leader by Bepboy9 but she refused as she wanted to retire from armies. Teigan is one of the most loyal and active troops ever in the Water Vikings of Club Penguin.


List of Leaders:


Creators: Zakster, Jed Pen

  1. Zakster
  2. Jed Pen
  3. Teh Kitteh
  4. Kkabc123
  5. Zakster (2)
  6. Soccerman179
  7. Charizard58
  8. Andre
  9. Charizard58 (2)
  10. Ajman9011
  11. Sledderboy
  12. Bepboy9
  13. Zakster (3)
  14. Josephp3
  15. Twitchy543
  16. Kingfunks4
  17. Tylund1
  18. Floppy50611
  19. Supratk
  20. Bepboy9 (2)
  21. Tylund1 (2)
  22. Braveboy
  23. Jed Pen (2)
  24. Zakster (4)
  25. Bepboy9 (3)
  26. Mchappy
  27. Zakster (5)
  28. Dashing Snow
  29. Nick
  30. Bluesockwa1
  31. Tylund1 (3)
  32. Change
  33. Freezie
  34. KingFunks4 (2)
  35. Jed Pen (2)
  36. Aaronstone
  37. Tap Dancer36
  38. Twitchy543
  39. Bepboy9 (4)
  40. Dashing Snow (2) 
  41. KingFunks4 (3) 
  42. Zakster (6) 
  43. Tylund1 (4) 
  44. Aaronstone (2) 
  45. Carl 
  46. Glace 
  47. Zakster (7) 
  48. Change (2)
  49. Adster 
  50. Aaronstone (2) 
  51. Pjayo
  52. Totidile 
  53. Dashing Snow (3)
  54. Change (3)
  55. Bepboy (5) 
  56. Buddy 
  57. Stromae 
  58. Rose 
  59. Tax1 
  60. Bepboy (6)
  61. Adden443
  62. Rose (2)
  63. Hulk 
  64. Kingfunks4 (4)
  65. Tymatt
  66. Buddy
  67. Stromae (2)
  68. Tes7 
  69. Change (4)
  70. Mid
  71. Crazy 
  72. Jack283
  73. Katie 
  74. Buddy (2)
  75. Kingfunks4 (5)
  76. Astro
  77. Adden
  78. Buddy (3) 
  79. Tes7 (2) 
  80. Katie (2)
  81. Jack283 (2) 
  82. Kingfunks4 (6) 
  83. Revan/Totidile (2)
  84. Braveboy (2)
  85. Jack 
  86. Buddy (4) 
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