US Training Before LC

Hey WV,

We held a US training session on our capital server, Frostbite. This may prove to be our final practice before we have to face the Nachos in our Legends Cup semifinal rematch. In this event we maxed 25 and averaged around 23. As always, remember to click on continue reading to see more pictures from the event!






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Legends Cup Training

Hello WV,

Today we held a training event for the upcoming Legends Cup semi-final REMATCH against the Nachos. We need to keep on practicing hard to reach the best of our ability. One thing we need to improve on is holding our tactics, which means just making sure that our tactics last longer, so we can get better pictures. You can do this by spamming the tactic loads of times on Club Penguin, rather than just once. Anyway, in the event we maxed about 32 and averaged 29. This was a good way to get out of our recent slump and get ready for the Legends Cup battle tomorrow!

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I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being given the chance to lead the Water Vikings, something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I don’t intend to let this opportunity slip, and I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about joining to join up now! Click on continue reading for more pictures!





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Legends Cup Training on Frostbite [US Event!!]

Hey Water Vikings,

Today we held a US training session on our capital, Frostbite. We maxed 34 and averaged 32. This is a very good size when you consider how long our US division has been inactive for. Thanks solely to Katie & Buddy for the pics for this event.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.47.53 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.45.42 PM

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Want membership?

 Then join us in our next battle on CP and be on chat!

To enter the full version of our chat click hereWVFlag


Wednesday, September 7th



Server: Frostbite

Room: Click HERE for Room!


UK >> 9:00 PM << UK

EST >> 4:00 PM << EST

CST >> 3:00 PM << CST

MST >> 2:00 PM << MST

PST >> 1:00 PM << PST

IST >> 1:30 AM << IST





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New Owners ~ The Time Has Come

Hello Water Vikings, today marks the day I [Epic Master] and Totidle [Revan] join the Water Vikings. We have come prepared having waited many months for this move. Revan and I were owners in the Light Troops during the Winter & Easter golden ages. We have also led armies like the Marines and the Fire Warriors to 30+ on club penguin. We have joined the Water Vikings to help out with recruiting and making the Water Vikings bigger. I can assure you, we will do just that. Here are some pictures of what Revan and I are capable of:

*In the final few days of the Light Troops, I also led some events, so here’s some pictures*

I will also be trying my best to provide memberships after every battle so I can give back to the troops for their hard work & dedication.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Vikings, I can assure you, The Tide is rising.

~Epic [Water Vikings Leader In Training]

US Division Opening – RESULTS!


Hey-o everyone!

Today, we logged onto the server Beanie to recruit and start up our US division! We did a wonderful job for our first US division event since returning! Thank you to all who attended, and remember, our second US event will be on Thursday at the same time! 

Click continue reading for pictures (thanks to Adden, Wheelo, Apollo and I), to comment if you came, and another song!

MAX: 38


37 on cp

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Return of the United States Division!


Hey-o everyone!

I know it’s been a while, but I’d like to announce the return of our US division, lead by Tes, Buddy and I. Our first event will be held on Tuesday, July 5th. The times and details are below. Please, make sure you attend and be on chat early for server details, this will be key in starting the division! Click “continue reading” for more details about the division…

❗ Event Type: Recruiting Event ❗

Server: TBA On Chat


12:00am UK

7:00pm EST

6:00pm CST

5:00pm MST

4:00pm PST

4:30 am IST


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