A Date Long In The Diary

The Water Vikings have dropped down since our heights of the summer, that is for sure, but the ability to rise is still there. The Water Vikings always have the capability to rise once more, and I am sure that this can happen. With myself, however, I have been fairly inactive for a few weeks now and can no longer lead like I used to, or how I would even like to. With my current activity I can not reach my full potential as a leader and, as hinted in with the post title, this is a date long in the diary. My final retirement as an army leader.

While my full retirement, as part of my final departure as Manager of CPA Central, will occur through the middle of next week, I feel like now is the time to announce my leave as leader of the army. My leadership of this army was always meant to be temporary, as only a thing over the summer, a one-off last return following my initial retirement in 2015. I am so glad I decided to come back for one more time, this spell as a leader during this summer was up there with the Water Vikings of 2015, and the Ice Warriors i lead to Legends Cup victory in 2014.


A summary of my army career will come in my full retirement post on CPAC through next week, but for today it is my focus on the Water Vikings. I have lead many armies, including two of the most historic in the Army of CP and Ice Warriors, but the WV have held a special place to me. This is the army that has been the biggest I have been leader of, from our 80+ in the Legends Cup final during 2015, to a week during this summer when we had a 12 month record breaking score, maxing 60+ through the week. Above all the success, however, it is the people in the army that made it such an experience. So many loyal people such as Bepboy, Change, Dash, Jack283, Jack, Buddy, Katie and countless others have made the army what it is. It is a fun army, an army for us to chill out during the day away from the stress of real life. We weren’t as serious as some other armies, even though we were bigger, but we were here to chill and have fun. Maybe that is why in times of difficulty for CP Armies we have fallen, but we are a great army – one of the greatest of the modern era.

I will list names with paragraphs thanking them in my main retirement next week on CPAC, but I would like to thank those who helped me lead the army – and to Bepboy for giving me the chance to play the role i played. Without all of your help, even Chip who left us for the RPF, we would not have been successful. I am not the greatest leader to have taken part in CP Armies, it is only possible to reach success with the help around you. You are the heart of the army, all of you must pull the effort together to be successful.

Until next weekend I will continue to be on the chat, seemingly active but probably not able to attend many events, but on Thursday or Friday of next week I will also be stepping down from my position on the Panel Of Godfathers. With my adventures into further education at university, I will not be online – only for the occasional visit. It is true that, maybe, the army could shut down until the next generation, but this doesn’t need to be the case. If you all pull together, find some more owners and a need inspirational leader, it is possible to keep going and reach the top rankings once more. All is not lost in this dip, but it is up to you now – I can no longer be of much help and haven’t been able to do that for a few weeks now. I’ll be here for a few more days yet, but after that it is up to you on the path you take.

It’s been a great ride, but now it is my time to step aside from being leader. Thank you again, you have been wonderful to me and I cannot thank you enough. Good luck, fear the wave.


Retired WV Leader & POG Member


5 Responses

  1. 😨😨

  2. You were a good leader. Fight the Good Fight and farewell.

  3. Good bye funkss. U were such a great leader. Ill miss ya

    • Ammar, PC me on xat when you get on. Need to talk to you.

  4. Gonna miss you my man. Love you dude!!!

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