The Official Retirement Of Jack283

The time is upon me. It’s with a heavy heart I leave the Water Vikings, and the army community as a whole. The game is still fun, I don’t have much time. Please show your respect by reading my post, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, but I’m sure I did.

And when I’m gone, just carry on, don’t mourn
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I’m looking down on you smiling
And I didn’t feel a thing, So baby don’t feel no pain;
Just smile back

*Inaugurating a new leader.

*Announcing a new LiT.

*Baptizing a new 3ic.

Welcome home…

I joined Ice Warriors, many years ago. I then rejoined, only to be told by some friends, Snowskitter, Mortico, Soni, etc that Andrew was offering veterans of the army very low ranks. I then messaged Kingfunks4, told him about it, begged him to rejoin us for leader and coup Andrew. He rejoined and Andrew left. Then a few weeks down the line, after our initial rise, we hit a very slight slump, and Iceyfeet1234 couped us all and replaced us with the Drew Crew. We were getting prepared to join the ACP, when they declined us. We all ended up in the Water Vikings. Biggest mistake the Ice Warriors ever made (they’re dead now) and the ACP too, as both armies would have been maxing 80+ aswell as the extra troops ACP/IW already had, which could have given us 100+ at LC. I’m going to go on a minor limb here, and say we were scummed out of both LC and March Madness. But hey, if CPAC appoint your enemies are judges, then that’s just life baby. So, I quit after LC in a pretty bad mood. Returned sometimes near January, got from 2ic to leader in 2 weeks as I was extremely active. Recruited everyday, 24/7 kind of stuff. Lead Water Vikings to 2nd during Winter, alongside Katie. Then, I quit. And a quick decision was made by Kingfunks4 to close down the Water Vikings. That ended the whole generation that had seen 80+ at times, and 50+ in AUSIA during October lol. So, anyways I didn’t really think I deserved leader when we returned, but I guess it just happened, and I came back leading Water Vikings once again. We managed to reach peaks of 70+ at UKs straight away. And then came Legends Cup. Then came this post, that you’re reading right now, which is my official resignation.

Leadership – 

KingFunks4: You have been a great mentor. Without you I’m not sure I’d have left Ice Warriors for the Water Vikings originally. Utmost respect to you, you’re an inspiration to everyone in armies. Keep it up.

Katie: We’ve lead together for so long, I’ll really miss you, hopefully you’ll be on xat a lot too and whenever I come on to catch up you’re there so we can talk. You’re a great leader, I hope you lead the winter and keep the army alive if you have the time, you’re more than capable of keeping this army alive.

Buddy: You don’t talk much but you’re a great guy haha, you should continue leading the army if you’ve spare time. Miss you bro!

Tot/Revan: You only just joined, don’t really know you too much, you’re a good leader though. Please stay after the summer if you can, the army needs someone like you.

Braveboy: Get more active so I can get to know you! xD

Advisors – 

Chip: You’re one of my greatest, most loyal and trustworthy friends in armies. Will miss you a lot dude, hope you stay active & lead the army for once lol.

Mortico: You’re never on dude! Miss our chats lol. You were probably my best friend when I rejoined armies like 2 years ago.

Astronaut: You were a great LiT/Leader and really helped me keep the army alive last winter. Sad to see you left before I did, hopefully we can keep chatting together if you ever come on!

Owners – 

Jack: Thank you for being in Water Vikings this summer, you were a great addition. You’re a funny English dude lol. Good luck with leader, the future of the Water Vegans is in your hands.

Epic: You joined for like a week or something lol, but you made a huge impact either way! Please stay around the Water Vikings chat and help/advise if need be. You’ll be a lot of help as an advisor come winter time.

Sidie: Don’t know you too much but you seem nice! xD

Adden: Only Adden would get this: penis waffle ayy.

Ammar: You’re a great guy lol, I know sometimes you’re annoying but hey, you’re AUSIA lol. You would make a good leader, I know it.

Bounce: Lol, you’re a great guy dude, make sure to stay in WV and lead some day.


Joshua: Good, reliable AUSIA 3ic. Keep it up bro. You should lead our AUSIA in winter.

Rose: OK, I don’t know you, you left WV when I joined a year ago, and joined when I’m leaving. But either way, wish you good luck lol.

Former Troops:

Zoomey: You’ve always been loyal, I know you left us for Defenders to lead and get some experience but you always returned. Sad to see you go last month but I guess you gotta do what ya gotta do.

Picard: IDK if you’re still with us? But you’re still a good guy xdd. Will miss you as well.

Panel Of Godfathers:

Bepboy9: You’re literally an inspiration to me, and every other WV troop. You helped make this army more than anyone else. Now that I’ve sucked you off, POG?

Change: We actually haven’t spoken much but you’re really intelligent lol. Wish you lead with me more than just once but even that brief stage you did lead, was an honour.


Zakster: Thanks for making this army. 😀

Jed Pen: Thanks for making this army. 😀


~Honourable Mentions~

*For people I didn’t have time to write to, just speak with me on chat whenever I’m on*













E Pengo



























People will always tell you WV is a bad army, people will always fight you, bot raid you, try and stop you, but you keep going. Why? Because you have already won, the fact they have to cheat to beat you, proves that you’re that good, that you’re the best. People will try and steal you, make you join their army, why do it? WV is the greatest army, don’t believe me?

We came back for like 8 weeks, to date. What has happened? Well, we got bot raided a LOT. Merked the raiders, got 1st 7 weeks out of 8, yet people left us for other armies? Ha. Can I just say, and I have absolutely no disrespect to these individuals for their actions as they were promised things which were not true, etc. But McFreezer and Picard both left, and they came back. Sure, we have a bad time, hit a slump.

But we can keep going, so we will keep going. Don’t give up on the army when it hits a rough spot – Especially if we’re still getting first LOL. Someone told me that the reason people are leaving is cause we’re dying. I agree, armies as a whole are dying. I know we’re pretty much dying too, slowly. BUT, that doesn’t mean we won’t get first? Every other army is dying too, and they’re dying even more lol.

Promotions Time!

Announcing that Bounce Back will be taking my role as the faggotish leader I am. Do me proud. Continue the Nazi Regime in my name and honour!

Announcing that Buddy will be returning, to resume his role as the wildcard leader who is capable of anything, really, ANYTHING. Haha loool.

Announcing that Security will be taking Bounce’s role as Leader In Training on the condition he gets slightly more active.

Announcing that the wait is OVER, I honestly don’t know how long this has been on my to-do list, and I’m not even talking about retiring, this dude has been trolling, has been immature and also, he has been a mod forever. Finally, he’s come to his senses, he is now a great troop and will be baptized owner…

Announcing that E Pengo will be now a 3ic, welcome back to the fam, you shall lead on day kid, you are now a [LOL] 3rd In Command.

I don’t have time to hate on anyone in this post, I do a lot more than most people give me credit for, not trying to lick my own cock or anything, even though I did try that before and fell over and hit my head(lol). But anyways, the Water Vikings is a fockin huge army m9 and you guys have the fucking privilege to host it. Fucking do me proud, do Bepboy proud, do Change proud, do Tymatt proud, do whoever the fuck has built this army into what it is today PROUD. We’re already proud anyways, so all I ask you is to not disappoint us.

“How do I not disappoint you, Jack283?”

Stay bloody loyal to the helm. Loyal to your superiors. Until the day comes you are the superior one, and then they will all be loyal to you.

Want the fame? Play the game.

Music Time!

This song shows my true feelings about my relationship towards the Water Vikings army and the great troops within the army. Basically, the song depicts a father who never really got along with his children, he was always playing pranks and never really filled his role as the father.

This is like me as the leader. I always broke rules, and even though I recruited, attended events, hyped and was active, I think a certain part of the Water Vikings, will be better off without me.


In the words of Eminem:

And when I’m gone, just carry on, don’t mourn
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I’m looking down on you smiling
And I didn’t feel a thing, So baby don’t feel no pain;
Just smile back

 I know that things can really get rough, when you go it alone.

Don’t go thinking you got to be tough, then bleed like a stone.

Could be there’s nothing else in our lives, so critical.

As this little home huge army.

Signing off for the last time…


Former Water Vikings Leader & Legend


14 Responses

  1. Jack your a Water Vikings legend you are a beast I’m crying irl I just wanna say thank you so much for 3ic and I hope you the best you are the best leader ever

    • You’re a good troop E Pengo, lead us to a new golden age!

      • yes sir

  2. take care. u were a chill guy

    • u were even chiller m9 😉

  3. thanks for sticking by wv even when shit got tough. cya around

    • I’ll always be here for WV! :0

  4. I’ll always miss u dude. U were a great leader. Take care!

    • I lub u ammar ❤ pls rejoin wv soon lol

  5. Thank you for everything, Jack. You kept me here when sometimes I was debating whether or not I wanted to be here, and you made me happy I stayed. Thank you for helping me through some tough shit, thank you for leading with me, and thank you for always being somebody I could talk to. You’re a great leader, and I hope to still see you around. Gonna miss you my dude ❤ ❤ ❤

    • You’re one of the few people that can be trusted. 😥 I’ll be around ofc. Will miss you, but see you around on wv chat ofc!

  6. You have been one of the most loyal people to me over the years and it is a disappointing day to see you retire – but a moment you deserve to enjoy if that is what you desire. You have achieved a lot in this army and I congratulate you for your underrated success. You stuck with the army by yourself through dark times and deserved to be part and a driving force of more recent success

    I hope to see you around for my remaining weeks ahead, and also guide the army in your upcoming future role.

    Thank you. 😀

  7. I’m gonna miss ya

    • Legent Brad in da houseee!

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