Official Retirement of Brave

Hello Vikings,

Well, I knew this was coming sooner or later. I am officially retiring from Water Vikings and most likely retiring from armies all together.

I honestly wanted to stay longer and try to become a major army legend, but there is honestly so much on my plate right now, I don’t think I will have time to incorporate Water Vikings in my real life.

Today is the first day of school again for me, and with the amount of classes that I am taking, I won’t be able to handle to lead an army, and I don’t think that it is very fair of me to take up a leadership position that someone else like Bounce, or Buddy deserve much more than I do.

I am so glad I got to experience leading Water Vikings once again and it was a great ride. I just want to thank everyone in Water Vikings for welcoming me with open arms and I whenever I do have time to be on, I will come on to help. I will definitely be there for that Legends Cup battle this upcoming Saturday.

I will be posting a full retirement post on Pretzels site.

I honestly would like to wish everyone in Water Vikings the best of luck, and I want you guys to keep going, and keep dominating that top 10 like you guys have been doing for a while now.

Thank you again for letting me be apart of this wonderful army. I met a lot of new people, and learned a lot of new things. Thank you for the opportunity.

Good luck Water Vikings, and keep dominating.

-Brave, Former Water Vikings Leader.


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