Doritos Multilogging

Couldn’t help yourself could you?

And to be honest I think after all this time you guys would be better with your multilogs, but apparently not. After seeing two DCP “troops” online with pokemon nicknames, my first assumption was of course that they were multilogs. Turns out the password was as simple as “pokemon” lol…

Now, as proven previously when we’ve uncovered Doritos multilogs, when the same penguin logs onto the same server at the same time, the original user gets disconnected. So I figured what better way to see if it was a multilog than to see if it went off.


There was also another DCP troop on with the penguin “Rhydon” but sadly I lost the pictures of this penguin before it got taken off. If they’re multilogging on two penguins, theyre bound to multilogging on some more. It’s just a matter of time DCP.



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