Katie’s Weekly Fun Polls – 8/14/16

Hey-o everyone!

Welcome to week 21 of my weekly polls! I hope you guys are still enjoying this! Prepare to vote! Let’s do this! Click “continue reading” to read last week’s results, vote this week, and suggest for next week!! 

Last week, we talked about one of the newest crazes in, not only video games, but in the world. Pokemon Go has become a game for just about anyone to play if you are a mobile person, whether you have played Pokemon since Game Boy days or this is your first Pokemon game! With the most votes, there was a tie. Each with 4 of the 10, it was either believed that either the game was great for exercise and fun, or you just don’t play. On the other had, the least amount of people, each with 1 of 10, thought that the game is dangerous and dumb, or they enjoy it but find it dangerous at the same time. 

This week, we are going to think about the past of the Water Vikings, our legacy and what has made us, the best of all time. More specifically, who. This week’s poll is; Of the WV Legends, Who Do You Admire Most?  Click HERE to see a list of the Water Vikings Legends. Also, feel free to choose other and comment who you think should be up there! Happy voting!

Week 20 Results:

This Week’s Poll:

Ƙaтιє0715 💕

Ɯaтєя Ʋιкιηgѕ Ɗυcнєѕѕ/Lєaɗєяяя


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