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Just to clarify, the Water Vikings WILL NOT be merging into RPF. The “deal” agreed has been revoked, and all servers will remain with us. Chat and site remain secure and in WV hands. Chat has been reset a few times overnight so if you have lost your rank just PC a leader to get it back. Some people do stupid stuff sometimes and make mistakes, Buddy is no exception. While he did create the mess in the first place, he tried to rectify the situation almost immediately, and eventually got control of the chatroom and also got the deal revoked. He did leave us very hastily and in a poor state, but please just forget about that and remember what else Buddy has done for the army. I hope everyone in the army can move on from this and still treat Buddy like one of our own.

This post has been really shit and disjointed but it’s 4am so I don’t really give a fuck.

We will come back from this!



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