Hey-o everyone

Alright, I get it. School is starting again, sports are having practice again, you are doing the summer work you needed to do last minute. Trust me, I understand (I went back on July 25th). However, that does NOT mean you can just slack off in the Water Vikings and keep your rank. The other leaders and I are working hard to try to make sure that the Water Vikings are around for longer than just summer, just for you guys. This means late nights with homework, this means last minute project fixes, for us. All we need is you guys to recruit if you are able, attend events, and be on the chat for an hour (30 mins before, 30 mins during). That is all we ask. Even being on the chat and being afk is okay, just make sure we can talk to you if we bump or siren horn you. 

Owners: You guys need to simply make sure you are hyping the chat all day so that a) people know there is an event and b) we don’t have to spend extra time calling, we can just do the event and move on. Along with that, if you are able, you need to recruit, it is important to helping you rank up and to keeping WV alive.

Moderators: You guys seem to be extremely inactive lately. Make sure to be online for events and try to help owners hype events. If you have questions or want to do more to help, ask an owner or a leader how you can help. Make sure to welcome troops when owners and leaders are recruiting and follow rules on the chat towards event times.

Members: You guys need to make sure to attend events so that you can rank up quickly. Make sure to be nice to other people on the chat and respect your higher-ranking Moderators and Owners. Make sure to be on the chat as often as you can so you do not miss any information (things change!). 

It may seem like a mini depression right now, but if you follow those guidelines, the Water Vikings will be back to our top work as we always are. Remember, we have events every day at 8:30 pm UK / 3:30 pm EST and every couple days schedule a US event (check the site to see what days!) And lastly, make sure to attend the Legends Cup event, this Saturday at 8pm UK / 3pm EST. This is a super important event. Let’s prove to our opponents that we truly are the best and we WILL win this tournament!

Ƙaтιє0715 💕

Ɯaтєя Ʋιкιηgѕ Ɗυcнєѕѕ/Lєaɗєяяя


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