The Issue With This Army

We’re not dead? 10 WV troops online almost all day, and it’s thursday lol so what do you expect? The issue this army has, is very clear. Everyone comes on at like 2pm GMT and sees like 5 people online and just assume “oh the chat is dead rip wv” then leave and go to another chat like Nachos or ACP and start chatting there. I called everyone I had in my friendslist back… Sadly I got a new computer so I have like 5 people in my friendslist who were online at that time, the same 5 on WV’s chat… So I logged onto my older computer and after 10 minutes of turning it on and getting on xat, I realised that there was 20 WV users (maybe even more) online, on a thursday, on other xat chats. So, if you count the other maybe 20 people who assumed the chat was dead too but didnt chill on xat, instead went on other sites, we could have had a pretty goddamn huge event today if people stopped assuming we’re “dead”. I’m pretty sick of people coming on our chat and saying shit like “rip wv lol” when you’re meant to be the loyal owners of WV, stop creating negativity. When we had like 20 people on before events, which was bad for an army our size, but for the community was very good, people used to say “lol we’re dead” even though we were the biggest army… It’s negativity which is making people like me quit this army because we’re losing any sense of fun we’re all we’re hearing is utter bullshit (excuse my language but UTTER BULLSHIT) like that.

Wise up Vikings…



Water Vikings Leader


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