Retirement of Ammar

I have been in cp armies since 2014 and during my time period in cpa, I have learnt alot of new things. I want to continue being in cpa but there is not enough time for me to serve my army.

Note: my grammar is damn bad in this post

My A levels started today and the studies are pretty tougher than i thought. I will not even have 1 hour to come on chat as there will be loads of work to do other than my A levels.

I have had alot of fun being in cp armies and it changed my whole life. It was a exciting experience in club penguin armies. I’ll tell you how i started off with club penguin armies.

I first came in rpf as a recruit. I was a noob as i always begged for promotions and I was never active.I slowly and gradually started to understand the community and worked as hard as possible in rpf. i worked my way up till 3ic when i left rpf. The reason  for leaving was that Elm was always ordering people to recruit 24/7 and banned me for hours because of not attending events. Also, Luis,rpf leader thought i was useless as a troop and demoted me for being Ausia. It really hurt my feelings and i decided to follow chip in the night rebels. Fortunately, I had made the right decision to join the Night Rebels. I had alot of fun with them and i felt comfortable being in that army. Everyone was active and attended every event which was why the Night rebels got 1st twice.

I then heard the news of the water vikings returning on the 18th of June 2016. I decided to join them as 3ic because it would widen the fun and experience for me while being in cp armies. The first event the water vikings had started off with a blast with a max size of 45+.In the second week I worked my best, be as active as i could and managed to attend all the events which got me a promotion to 2ic. The water vikings started to hit 55-60+ in the third week and we were doing better than any army. In the 6th week, the water vikings scored 91 points in the top ten. It was a score that no army had reached for almost an year.Aside from the events, I had the most fun while being in the water vikings. The leaders and owners would chat the whole day. They would tell jokes, roast each other and make us feel comfortable. For 7 straight weeks, the water vikings have been first and will continue to be first.

Now I will mention some fams who i met during my life in club penguin armies.

kingfunks4 = you have led the water vikings spectacularly and I would always wish to work under you. You are one of the most inspired leaders in this community and you were the one who made me laugh because of your worst roasting technique.

Buddy= The most serious person I have ever met. JK lol. you’v been a great leader and without you, I think this army would’v never attained huge sizes at events. your one of the key leaders of wv. You have also been a great friend of mine and i love it when you speak(wary).

chip= I can never forget u. u helped me alot in my life in cpa than anyone. u made me feel comfy(new word) and led me to join 2 great armies. u are a one of the greatest leaders and without u cpa wouldnt have been like now.

jodie= love ya babe. ill always  miss you. it was great chatting with you(cry)

bep= ur still my dad. i love you for being such a kind person. u shouldv rejoined wv for leader u noob.

Leader jack= one of the best friends i have ever met. I always felt comfortable when you were around. u’d always pc me about buttsex lmao.

LIT jack= you never spoke when wv revived but when after 7th week of getting first u went drunk lmfao. i liked it when u were constantly talking about porn starts (redface).

Epic = best cusser u can ever see.

tot= u never talked to me much but u are a great leader.oh wait u are a sheep BAAAAAA


flor= best person to lead ausia

super edwin= ill always be waiting for fairy tail’s season 3

joshua= omg ur one of my best friends. always loved talking inapp with u

jai= i dont know u xd. ur addicted to pokemon too much

E pengo= which god are u. funks is ur best follower

scarrow= one of the best and active mods

zoomey= makeup suits u

Sorry if i missed someone out. There were just too many to mention. i probably must have forgotten some.

last thing i need to say







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  1. Will miss you man. Make sure to hop by once in a while and drop a hi

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