Official Retirement Post Of Epic Master

This is my official retirement post.

**I Apologise for there being more pictures than anything and pretty much all of the pictures are LT pictures & it’s because I spent my whole career in LT pretty much. Anyway, you’d prefer pictures than writing, right?**

Armies are shit. So here it is.

 I’m gonna start with how I joined armies and how they went on from there, then I’ll do the honorable mentions and I’ll then finish off with pictures of what I achieved in my time in CP Armies.

I joined armies in December 2011. I was recruited into armies by Waterkid100 (Pirates Leader at the time). I used to be one of those people who would sit on a recruiting chat all day and see when Rockhopper or something would come on but I was asked by waterkid to join the pirates, I didn’t actually know what to think but I just went and joined anyway, not knowing that I’d stick around with this guy for 5 years.

In 2013 the Pirates merged into the Light Troops & waterkid asked me to follow him as he’d be leading the Light Troops, I did follow and I got my usual rank of 4th in Command. In 2014 a lot of stuff happened, there was the LT v DW war that lasted quite a majority of the year but soon ended as the Light Troops beat the Dark Warriors in the tournament battle. I have to say 2014 was probably the final year for pretty much all armies, from 2015 on-ward all armies were pretty shit as almost every army needed to multilog (Doritos, SWAT, UMA) Where as in 2014, armies didn’t need to multilog, bot recruit or cheat, it was all autotyping and hard work. – Here are some highlights from the LT/DW and LT/ACP war in summer 2014.


When the light troops invaded frosty vvvv

Now I’m moving on to late 2014 [October – december/january 2015] Elmikey had joined the Light Troops after he’d been overthrown from the Dark Warriors or RPF or something, & a war had broken out. The Dark Warriors & the Ice Warriors sucked each others cocks at this time so they teamed up and made “The grand alliance” But they did get fucked by the Light Troops. At this time Jester had also joined the Light Troops and in December Andrew24 & his crew also joined.


In December 2014 a ton of shit happened, the war with DW was getting bigger because people were getting ddosed and shit constantly and in the Christmas Chaos Finals it was LT v DW, the biggest battle of the Year. The Light Troops maxed 80+ on club penguin while the Dark Warriors had a little bit less around 60-70+ But the judges were all Ice Warrior owners so they had helped the Dark Warriors when it came to the voting. Obviously at the time Camelogical were going to bot raid the tourney which is why there was Part I & II to the final. The Dark warriors did win but shit went down and it was because of biased judges.


CC Semi Finals v

Screenshot at Dec 20 15-26-31



Screenshot at Dec 22 18-53-40

😮 Y LT SO GOOD?!?!

Screenshot at Dec 30 15-04-41

Screenshot at Dec 30 15-10-29

January 2015: Nothing really happened in January other than Waterkid overthrowing Elmikey & Jester quitting. In February though, the drew crew had quit and the Light Troops had no leader, Waterkid stepped back in and led the Light Troops, soon he’d let Jessie lead with him and from then on, It’d be known as the Jessie Era.

"Too weak"

January 2015



In late March/Early April, Waterkid had left the Light Troops and DrMatt had stepped in, we weren’t getting the great sizes we wanted to get instead we were getting 20-25+ constantly. We stayed like this in a depression for almost 2 months, until Waterkid had returned.



May: Waterkid had returned and took over the Light Troops, DrMatt was angry and had left and re-created BMA and called it an LT rebellion, almost every owner except myself had left the Light Troops for BMA but this was when Waterkid discovered bot recruiting. He used Membership codes to get troops & for the entire summer we had 50-60+ sizes on cp. Sizes we hadn’t seen since December 2014. We had risen from a depression.

In June 2015, the Light Troops had reached the Spring Smackdown finals, the third final we’d ever been in, we had to face the Nachos and it was built up to be a hugely intense battle.

We had won our first ever tournament ever in our history, led by Waterkid & Jessie. It was the best day in the Light Troops history so far, we kept our sizes like 55+ for the rest of the summer. Eventually we had gone to war with RPF, RPF started spreading rumors of how they “killed the light troops” waterkid brought the light troops back and we caused chaos & destruction. We demolished them in the war.

During this summer, we were the only army with those sizes and this is when we were accused of multilogging, botting, all sorts of things, pretty much every army getting butthurt because they didn’t know how to recruit efficiently.

–October 2015–

The Light Troops were led by DrMatt in an era named ‘The Titan Era’ all of the events from this era were drafted and no one can see them, the only post from october is when Waterkid got inducted to become a CPA Legend.


–December 2015– [The Glorious Yellow Reich]

In December 2015, the Light Troops returned, it wasn’t any ordinary era though, Waterkid bot recruited and gave out 1 week membership codes, that worked. We got 50+ sizes for the 2 weeks we were alive and we were first on CPAC with just 1 day of events. Something Waterkid never expected, nor did the community. This is when everyone ganged up on the Light Troops and began their criticism and hate for us, they started calling us botters, multiloggers & cheaters.

2 hours before the event

1 hour & 30 minutes before event.

  An hour and 30 mins before the event, we started people logging on, we filled up Ice Box by making it a 2 bar server, every room we went to there was 20+ LT, in the picture above, we filled the stadium and had a quick training session, other light troops filled every other room at the same time. It was amazing.


–The Return Event–

We returned with a bang, maxing 60+ and with perfect tactics & Formations. We were back.

After just those two events, we had become Number 1 on CPAC.

The next day we declared war on the Water Vikings, we were massive, everyone feared us.

— Invasion of Frostbite —

We had invaded Frostbite with amazing sizes, 65+. We were a powerhouse. WV couldn’t be seen at the battle, because of how big we were.

The day after we invaded Sabortooth with a max size of 55.



We then invaded slippers. With great sizes again.

We then invaded Breeze, Summit & Husky.

Our invasion of breeze was huge, the ACP Capital, being torn down by light troops. We maxed 55+ and did outstanding.

That moment when your 2nd pool has more than ACP’s entire chat

2 days later, we battled the nachos. We were even bigger. We had become an even bigger powerhouse.



In January, we invaded Summit and had declared war on DCP. We also prank called badboy’s school which was hilarious. This would be the final month of the Winter Golden Age.

~The End of the Golden Age 2015 event~


That was the End of our Winter Golden Age. After the Light Troops Shut Down that day, we had all planned to go to the ‘Red Troops’ Tot & I found problems with it and Tober was trying to take over so we left. We formed the Fire Warriors & led them to 4th on CPAC.

We also led them to get to the SMAC Winter League Finals but we lost due to lack of communication & being accused of nulling our chat. I lost all pictures of our events due to the site being locked or something but I have a recording of our events.

It was one month later, the light troops returned for an Easter Golden Age.

~March 2016~

March was when Waterkid brought the Light Troops back, this time… Bigger & Better than ever, We had 6 month membership codes & an even BETTER recruiting script than last time. It was this month where we got 100+ on CP on two occasions.

Here are some pictures of 2 hours before the actual event

Waterkid’s screen

-The actual event-

When we logged on for the actual event, we didn’t ever expect the sizes we got. We circled the Ice Berg & Town at the same time and getting 110+ on chat with 100+ on CP. It was incredible & had only ever been seen once before, ACP, Boomer20’s retirement event back in 2009.


And we even circled the shitty ass forts.

100+ v

-Easter Training on Ice box-

This event, I thought we did better, we had 118 on chat and I re-counted the pictures. We got 100+

-LT v The Vikings-

Water’s screen

During the month of March, we also declared war on the Night Warriors, a war which we won too. It was a crazy month aswell, Toysoldier was being called out by Waterkid and half the community for copying Waterkid’s styles & leading techniques while also copying all of LT’s pages.

~April 2016~

April was the Final month of the Light Troops, it was a crazy month & weird month too. The war with NW went on and after that we declared war on RPF. DrMatt returned but didn’t do any work and left everything up to me & waterkid. Mid-way through April, waterkid lost motivation for leading & I ended up leading most of the events.

We Raided Fog to start the month,

Water’s screen [Again]

Also mid way through this month, we had run out of memberships, and just as we could’ve lost all hope, a guy came out of no where and started giving me tonnes of free 6 month codes. It was incredible.

My screen during a battle that I recorded

At this point I began leading most of the events & posting the results. Waterkid just recruited and would help out every now and then.

Now, this event that I’m showing now, is my favourite event of the whole generation. We had 70+ on chat and I was alone. I led myself without Waterkid. No I’m not taking credit for the sizes, I’m taking credit for leading the event its self. I was amazed with how it worked out. – I even recorded the event.

Lockouts while we were at the plaza


We then began to raid RPF’s event on Tuxedo which their Mods & Members wern’t happy about! They even declared war on us because we trolled them so bad!

-Invasion of Mammoth-

-Raid of Crunch [RPF Mad]-

-Raid of Ice Rink / 2nd last event-

Lockouts from the town:

~The Final Event~

This event was the final event in the Light Troops history and I got to lead it. I was sad to see LT go. I’d miss it terribly from that day on.

–May 2016–

In may 2016, the Light Troops were not alive. For the final week of LT, Tot & I had been planning the Marines’ return but we didn’t know when LT was going to close.

I was probably the sole reason the Marines rose and I was the sole reason they died. I joined and we rose, I left and they died.

I also left out parts where I led the Smart Penguins & Redemption Force. I led The Redemption Force to 30+ numerous times & With The Smart Penguins I led them to 18-20+.

All pictures from RF were lost because of Max43810 being a faggot.

~Honorable Mentions~

Waterkid101: You recruited me into armies, you mentored me through out all those years, from 2011 onward. You made me the kind of guy & leader I was. I thank you for making 5 years of my life memorable & fun. You also made me know about Fetty Wap and if you didn’t I wouldn’t of heard his amazing songs. Yeah people said I sucked your dick and all but I couldn’t care less, I was loyal not a hopper faggot who hung around with people like What’s up 11 & Elmikey. I’m glad how those years turned out.

Jessie: Jessie, where do I begin. You were a great friend to me, even though we’d fight every now and then, we always had a good friendship with each other, I loved your attitude and your sense of humor. You always made me laugh and I will always remember you.

Tober: We used to fight a lot and I haven’t seen you since the death of LT, I will miss you brotha.

Adam: You were a fellow Irish man and a man of his word, to me you were a cool chill guy and I liked you for so many reasons, I’ll miss you also my friend.

Gloria: You were an amazing friend to me, you were always kind to me when I felt down and you always brought a smile to my face. (You also always gave me days 🙂 )

~Names of people I won’t forget~
















Jack [From Marines & LT]






Superhero123 [Turned into a fegget]











Final Chaser






Zing King To











**All Light Troop’s over the past couple of years**

Funny LT pictures



Elmikey fighting le good fight xDDD

12 months = 1 year

17 months = 1 year and 5 months










 photo foreveraloneacp2.png

~Closing statements~

Ever since LT / Marines died, armies became complete shit. CPAC is shit and every army is shit. Even though I dislike RPF, at the moment they’re the only army made up of CP Recruits. No other armies have recruits at this point and it’s shameful to see most army chats dead at certain times. It’s also disappointing to see armies full of friends at event times. When I come on I get spammed to help other armies and it’s disgraceful. When the Light Troops were alive, we were never a friendlist army. We always banned other armies on the chat. We also never had allies. The only allies the Light Troops ever had were the Pirates, Marines & Nachos (Even though the nachos would go on to backstab us like faggots every time). I only stuck around in armies (with WV) because I thought Tot & I were going to do something with Marines but it turned out we didn’t and we just joined WV. I only joined WV because I wanted leader & it was evident I deserved leader but never got it. Armies are complete shit and I don’t see them living after the summer ends. Considering this summer the highest size I saw was what, 35 on CP? During school a couple of months ago LT had 55+. Armies have dropped and have dropped on a large level. It’s also disgraceful how people resort to bot raiding events to get their own way & it’s disgraceful how people like Badboy & Trader come along with SWAT,UMA,Pretzels & DCP and multilogged over 20 penguins each which killed armies completely. If people didn’t multilog, I’m sure armies would be a whole lot better. Another thing, NO army could become big without being called out for “multi logging” or “Botting” (LT & NW) Bot recruiting did work and it works if you do it right which was evident with LT & NW but no other army could do it properly and they ended up getting mad & calling us multiloggers & crying about it.

Going to steal some of waterkid’s post here:

What’s the point of trying to make your army big when people just say you multi log? Personally, I never thought that the Night Warriors did or could multi log, because I know that bot recruiting does work and it can get you a lot of recruits if you do it properly.

Obviously when it comes to armies like Doritos & UMA, it’s obvious they’re a bunch of multi logs. But when I show everyone LT’s site views, join applications, record our battles, pictures of my entire screen, people still think that we’re not legitimate? What could I possible benefit from multi logging an entire army? As people have already stated, I’m already a CPA army legend, what else do I have to prove?

And as for LT’s return event, even I didn’t expect such a huge turnout, and I can understand if people think we multi logged. I wanted to make sure LT got at least 40 – 50 at our return event, so like I did in Winter 2015, I hyped up our return event. This time I hyped it for around 1 and a half weeks, no event until our big one. I also promised to give out 6 month membership codes, which attracted our old troops from previous generations and a lot of new ones. I never expected to get above 60 on CP, let alone 100. I wasn’t even aware we had 99/100 on CP until Epic Master counted our lock outs. But the fact people think I’ll spend my time multi logging ALL these accounts just to be look ”relevant” (according to Trader, one of the most irrelevant leaders in the community) is absolutely bizarre.

The community is also bad too. CPAC is complete horse shit, Goblin is a fucking joke. All armies are spamming CP with their shitty Mercury scripts and scratching their heads wondering ”WHERE’S OUR RECRUITS???” and the big armies automatically get accused of being multi loggers. Overall, it just isn’t fun. The community was lively and fun during 2012 – 2014, but now it’s just smaller with the same bullshit going on and on. I was talking to Roberto the day we got 99 on CP and he said ”Dude if this was before 2014 everyone would be so surprised, but nowadays everyone thinks any big army are just multi loggers”, which is true. When I saw the Night Warriors I didn’t think they multi logged, because they bot recruited, and I know bot recruiting works if you do it right. All these armies on NW’s side (RPF, NW and ACP) like to shout out ”multi log” when they have all been exposed in the past months for multi logging and ACP never take pictures of their full tabs or record their events.

Leading is no longer fun (and easy). And to armies like DCP, UMA & SWAT who mass multi logged and made it a ”bad” thing for armies to be big legit: Fuck you.

Also, to all the people who always talked shit about me and who said “I suck waterkid’s dick” I couldn’t give a fuck. I’m loyal. I stuck around with the best leader in CPA History and got experience from it. I became the type of guy I am because I hung around with him. Once you get to know waterkid he’s chill & cool. Where as everyone else says hes a faggot & the “hitler of armies” and that all he does is “cheat and bot”. That’s all the people who are butthurt and have been jelous, irrelevant kids all their careers.

**I also love how whenever I see trader he brings up “LT Multilogged” when he’s been caught, what, 3-5 times multilogging? He’s so big though! Lord trader! How many times have people in armies tore him a new hole when it came to roasting his ass in posts? Also with other people who say we multilogged, why would waterkid multilog? “He was already a CP Army legend, what else does he need to prove?” The fact that no one believes we got 100 on cp is historical. We recorded our battles & took pictures of our screens & took pictures of our join apps but theres the butthurt people like Badboy & Trader (WHO ARE ON THE LEGEND INDUCTIONS 2016) who haven’t done fuck all in their careers except multilog 30+ Penguins each and overall just kill armies. And I’m laughing at a comment trader made a while back “Im using the exact same script as waterkid and im in ACP and i don’t get any recruits, GETTING 100 IS I M P O S S I B L E” your work ethic is shite and you don’t know how to lead either, ACP got 100 in the past and so has LT, don’t need to cry about it or get mad about it. It’s been done and you need to face it.

Leading a big army was much more fun before this multi logging bullshit. The war between LT and DW in Summer 2014 was the best wars I’ve ever participated in. Neither one of us accused each other of ”mass multi logging” and no one else did in the community. The community was fun, CPAC was amazing, and overall it was a great experience. Now that armies have fallen they think that the only way to rise is bot recruiting, which is true. However, they are doing it wrong. Just because an army has a public script, doesn’t mean they will automatically reel in recruits. The Ice Hounds used to spam 10 bots in each room, but they barely got any recruits. You have to think carefully when bot recruiting, think up of clever lines, not ”JOIN FOR SALSA” (the Nachos). Just like the saying: A fool with a tool is still a fool. There’s many many factors to bot recruiting then spamming bots at the Town and Plaza. And to be honest, Mercury is a shitty script over all.

Awards I won:

I’d like to thank everyone who hung around with me and liked me for the 5 years I was here but, eventually, you have to say goodbye.

~Former Light Troops 2nd In Command~

~Former Marines Leader~

~Former Fire Warriors Leader~

~Former Redemption Force Leader~

~Former Smart Penguins Leader~

I’ll miss all of you,



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  1. I am probs a fegget but I will miss ya Epic. Sad to see another valuable CPA person going. I will never forget the “epic” time we had on SP together :P.
    PS: I still believe you are arrogant soz :$.

  2. Bye, Epic. I won’t forget you, although you may wish to forget me xD . Good luck in life bro. ❤

    • Thanks man. Will miss you tho, 😀

      • Epic i will not forget you Bro and i will miss ya and it sad to leave😅

  3. Good luck. Sad to see you leave

  4. 😦 Cya Epic, thanks for everything. Good luck in your travels brother!

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