Katie’s Weekly Fun Polls – 8/7/16

Hey-o everyone!

I’d like to go ahead and apologize for the hiatus between posts, school has taken over my life haha. Anyway, welcome back to week 20 of the weekly polls! Hope you are ready to vote! Click “continue reading” for last week’s results, to suggest next week’s poll in the comments, and to vote for this week’s poll!!

Last week, I wanted to know more about you guys. Many of us were talking about birthdays so my question was; What month is your birthday in? The results of this poll were mixed of course. The most birthdays we have are in the month of August with 3 of 14 votes. The least amount of birthdays wound up in the months of  February, July and September, each with 1 of 14 votes. 

Now I’m sure most, if not all, of you have played or seen the game Pokemon Go. I personally play and enjoy it a ton. So, I’m curious about how you guys feel about it! The question this week is; What are your thoughts on Pokemon Go? Make sure to vote below! Comment suggestions or other opinions if you have them! Happy voting!

Week 19 Results:

This Week’s Poll:

Ƙaтιє0715 💕

Ɯaтєя Ʋιкιηgѕ Ɗυcнєѕѕ/Lєaɗєяяя


One Response

  1. I voted other. Why? Because I agree with all the answers..it’s great for exercise and fun, it’s dangerous and I don’t play the game(my $50 phone cannot download it…).Yea, good game, highly overestimated.

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