Monthly Promotions [July 2016]

  • Green= promoted
  • Red= demoted
  • Black = non-mover

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted!  Those who got demoted must get active or else you will be demoted again. If anyone did not get promoted, work harder and you might be the one getting promoted next month!

The ranks have been updated

L = On leave


Jack || Epic Master || Adden || Flor || Sidie


Ammar || Bounce Back || Vurse 


PrincexNick || Jai || Joshua 

* = Possible demotion

L = On leave



Buddy || Cody || Clover || Chase || McFreezer || SA50 || Flen || Rarity

To be a 4ic, you must be prepared for owner. That means, you must follow the rules provided or you will be demoted down to 5ic again.


 E Pengo  || Moses  || Blueink ||Monster47345 || sledgehammer || George || blazes45



  || Cupcake || Adira || maddy || captain scarrow || elizoom1thing || puffy || yaaq || RD || Dark freak gamer



     Nina (Chip Jr.) || Bill Cipher || Jamstand || Bruce



Esterella1167^, Raterby^, Zack, Monsterella, Sensei500, ,swagboy,Tigerlionape,coolgirl,coolkid, Rekook, Absend || hawkeye || Soldier


Kati Kopa (Pikachu), Zoey/Swaft32, MattGaminz YT, Swag King YT, Conquary2 (Stronghold), Edyy, Snackbar, Lolagram,


Coomeva/Rose, Firefan, Minecraftgamer122, Navalofficer214, Sebastian, Justin, Kwik21, Maxim53, Alexbob24 || Munkee45


AnimeLover215, Whysoserious, Sorynnna, Quark333, Crisp22,  FootBallGuy, Skipper1090, ninjax4candence, Deled1234


1Essabelle2, Meany701, Holiday Bug, Alex, Bella67668, Smartgirly01, Hermioneg101, Molly33753, Connor1986, Ashu1235, Jamanimal46, WaterGirl, DjStyle99, Princessme2, TheTak, Alexzz, Sammy81875, N I G H T, Pink8girl, Dingding22, Haighter, Izuku2, Scarcasms, Graciebuzzie, Pinkgirl5786, Striker1102, Addi3214, Micheal1235, Ritz1125, Wingreen1, Fabangelz15, Dolphinpeng3, Vanessa1984, Ahmed3, Walter 2003, Vovoronalda, Hearyabe, Dookytest4, PizzaBear, Redready, Mukil1602, WaterVikingsDude, Rocky Red11




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