Legends Cup Round 2

Salute to the glorious Water Vikings empire,

When we defeated the TPAF, we were put to the next round of the Legends Cup. In our next battle, we will be facing the Army of Club Penguin. Although they don’t max sizes even near to ours, they could be a challenge. If it is one thing I learned it is to never underestimate your enemy. Because of the latter, we must put our full effort into winning this battle. The times are as shown below!

Army of Club Penguin vs Water Vikings

When? Sunday, 31st July.

Server? To be announced before battle.


8:30pm UK

3:30pm EST

2:30pm CST

1:30pm MST

12:30pm PST


2 Responses

  1. Please add the IST

  2. It’s either at 12:30 am IST or 1 am IST

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