LOL @DCP Threats

I like Doritos, just not the army.

lol rip dcp

Continue reading for warning

Hey Doritos,

I’m sorry to sink your sinking boat even further, but you guys have been the most irrelevant army since summer 2015. Your entire army’s reputation got destroyed after ALL of your leaders (except the scapegoating Mustapha) got exposed.  Remember, I slaughtered you guys, and I won’t hesitate to do it again.

Going as far as threatening to declare war on WV, RPF, IW, and SP, is rather ludicrous, chiefly because you’re going to get stepped on shortly after your declaration of war.

If fellow Water Vikings are reading this and are wondering “what the hell is he talking about?” “what did DCP do again?”, don’t worry. Refer to the screenshots below.

(Right click and open in new tab to view a larger version)

Listen to Gingersnap, declaring war on WV will be an extremely suicidal move. I mean, I knew DCP was retarded, but I didn’t know they would be to such an awful extent.

With that all being said, if I or anyone in the Water Vikings find out about DCP talking unnecessary smack at the Water Vikings, we won’t let you surpass 1 server.




2 Responses

  1. to be honest, i dont really like doritos

    • eh, not surprised

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