Explanation to Ice Warriors

As I was browsing through CPAC feeds, I went to check Ice Warrior’s website and I saw a post published by Andrew24, entitled “Warning to WV”. In this post, he stated that our troops have been talking smack about them constantly – I would like to clear things up.

  1. The screenshot you provided was a moderator of ours talking smack. There’s always moderators of an army going to their allies chat and talking crap. RPF recruits sometimes come on WV and say “we’re gonna defeat you guys!”. Around three of them battled us on our AUSIA yesterday, but you don’t see us blaming the entire RPF leadership – we’re still allies with them.
  2. The only reason we blamed Trader for being behind the bot raids is because 1) the bot raids never happened until the Ice Warriors got eliminated from the Legends Cup and 2) because Trader said on CPAC’s chat “I’ll show you tactics ;)” implying a sinister move of his will take place. The DOXER, as you all may know, Joffrey69, told me that he booted Trader offline, and it wasn’t him. So all the misunderstanding has been cleared up and I apologize to Trader on WV’s behalf.

Other than those two points, I don’t really think I have anything to say. Frankly, I don’t want any beef with the Ice Warriors and I wish them the best of luck from their journey from here on out. What you do from here on forth is not my decision, but I’ve done my part.




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