New Owners ~ The Time Has Come

Hello Water Vikings, today marks the day I [Epic Master] and Totidle [Revan] join the Water Vikings. We have come prepared having waited many months for this move. Revan and I were owners in the Light Troops during the Winter & Easter golden ages. We have also led armies like the Marines and the Fire Warriors to 30+ on club penguin. We have joined the Water Vikings to help out with recruiting and making the Water Vikings bigger. I can assure you, we will do just that. Here are some pictures of what Revan and I are capable of:

*In the final few days of the Light Troops, I also led some events, so here’s some pictures*

I will also be trying my best to provide memberships after every battle so I can give back to the troops for their hard work & dedication.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Vikings, I can assure you, The Tide is rising.

~Epic [Water Vikings Leader In Training]


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