I’m going to keep this short.

So far, we’ve had a good week overall. The past few days however, have not been as good. We were able to pull off around 30 yesterday, but that was not the case today.

We have owners who are quite inactive and need to get their acts together or they will be fired. 

We also have owners and mods who go AFK before events. This has become a bad habit. We know which owners do this often and they will be reprimanded.

Lastly, I would like to advise all owners (and fellow leaders, including myself) that there is a new policy that will be active as of tomorrow (July 22nd). Any owners capable of recruiting, must do so for the time that they are on xat. Today, we did not have anyone recruit nor put in much effort and we did not succeed. Let’s compare it to Sunday, when we practically recruited all day and ended up with a max of 50 as a result. 


The Tide Is Rising

~Buddy, WV Leader~


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