Frostbite Training Session RESULTS


*Chip edit* Instead of going on the generic 5 bar to hold our AUSIA event, we decided to call rogues from 5 bars to come onto our capital instead! It worked out fairly well and we managed to get as far as 32 on CP but I got DDosed 3 times and so did a few others. No pictures of 32 were taken, unfortunately.

Heyo, Water Vikings!

The Training Session on Frostbite went amazing as me maxed 28, and averaged 26, throughout the entire Session! This is the first Training Session we’ve had since the AUSIA Division opened, so I am glad that we managed to reach these sizes. But we can’t stop here! The AUSIA Division has to get bigger, big enough to reach the sizes of the Water Vikings UK Division! So that means you have to work hard AUSIA Division. Be sure to check the Battle Schedule for the rest of the events of the week.

Real max: 32 (no pics) 

Real average 29 (no pics)

MAX: 28 (with pics)
AVE: 26 (with pics)

7-18-16 Event 9.png

Click Read More! For More Event Pictures!

7-18-16 Event 4

7-18-16 Event 3


7-18-16 Event 7


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