The Tide Is Rising

We started this new generation just over a month ago. We started, luckily, with some great troops. Then maxing sizes of 70, it became evident we were on the brink of a huge generation. Let me explain these last few days.

During each Golden Age of an army, you can see them returning with great hype, like Water Vikings evidently did. We have a lot of troops who are loyal to the cause and spent months recruiting them. Right off the bat, a few people will let you down/go inactive. We managed to avoid most of that stuff. Which is fantastic. Then, there comes a time when a lot of great troops need to leave for a short period of time or event for a longer period of time. Adden & Flor were 2 prime examples of this. Then, when this happens, the hoppers leave, the disloyal troops leave, and most of the army goes inactive. Most armies die at this stage, but we didn’t. Still managing to get 2nd in the top 10, many troops like Flor returned once again. We’re now rising yet again, this time we’re stronger than ever, new troops who are loyal are coming in, some of them I’m sure will let us down and leave, but we will continue replacing them all with loyal troops. We’re going to rise, so join in the fight.

Welcome to the new age.


Water Vikings Leader


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