Salt? I think not.

The Pretzels were once a good army. The Pretzels army I led last year did not troop steal everyday. We did not hire 10 leaders, most who have been multiloggers in the past. They keep talking bad about us, accusing us for botting their events. Yesterday, PCP stole Apollo from us and tried to steal Picard as well.

For proof, check Jack’s previous post:


From now on, nobody from WV should help the frail Pretzels army. If you are contacted by anyone in the Pretzels who asks you to join, report this to a leader.

Brave is the only good leader PCP has left and I certainly hope that Brave realizes the type of leaders he’s hired here. Troop stealing, crap talking, multilogging leaders.

Oh and PCP, maxing 25 with 9 leaders isn’t impressive.


PCP under the current leadership (9 leaders)


PCP under my leadership including Brave & Starz.

I’m glad to be with WV this time around, and not with PCP. PCP will never reach it’s second golden age with this leadership. Fear the wave.

~Buddy, WV leader~


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  1. My sides hurt because of the first picture.

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