Hypocrisy at Its Finest

This is going to be the last post about the Pretzels army

Badboy and Trader used to make fun of us for having a lot of owners and leaders, now, look at their army. NINE  TEN leaders(LOL), and I can’t even count how many owners they have. Your army is a living meme.

You guys can’t battle us one on one and beat us so you have to bot raid us constantly. I’m almost certain Trader stopped the bot raiding, but Badboy you need to give it up, let us enjoy the game without your bots present at every single one of our events.

Message to whoever quit because of the army “dying”: We aren’t dying, all of our troops are still in the army, but they don’t come on everyday because they know we’re just going to get bot-raided by an unfortunate individual. You guys don’t play it fair; you never do. The only reason RPF is ahead of us this week is because they have gotten bot raided in ONE of their event and we’ve gotten bot raided all of this week and most of last week.

PCP won’t surpass their last generation’s sizes unless they mass multilog. Mark my words.

Let’s take a look at PCP’s amazing leaders

Badboy: Thinks is a relevant leader, boasts about leading 4 armies to 1st on CPAC (Forgets to realize that he multilogged 10+ in every single one). Killed every single army he has led before he turned into a multilogger. LOL

Taco: Hopper. Been in more armies than Legoshane. Hops armies as soon as the other leaders leave. LOL

Trader: Multilogger. Marked worst leader in ACP history. LOL

Brave: You’re a nice leader, all good.

Mikester: I don’t know you much.

Drmatt: I’m selling 35 multilogs for 500$. LOL

Lights: Who are you?LOL

Holo: I don’t know you much.

ten… leaders..



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