Armies are cancer while Trader is present, literally. This kid goes around bot-raiding every one of our events just because he thinks I exposed him in the Ice Warriors when in reality, it wasn’t me. I can’t do anything to stop the bot raids, unfortunately, but I’m positive we will pull through this.

We have so many people in this army and you’re ruining their army experience. We bot recruit every hour of the day and we get tons of new recruits and when they want to log on and enjoy their first battle, they just see clones that ruin everything. Trader, frankly, you’re a piece of shit.

We’ll just see what happens in the future, but trust me, liars and pricks always lose ultimately.

In every conflict that you and I have been in Trader, I’ve came out victorious. I promise you this won’t change anytime soon. I’m smarter, more considerate of my actions and well, overall, superior in every possible aspect.

You messed with the wrong army, and the wrong guy.


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