Really nochos?


How could you possibly count 8 recruiters in that picture? I counted 5 times and I got to 5 in that room. Plus, Funks made a mistake on the room IDS and put around 1-2 extra recruiters in the docks. CP started IP banning recruiters because of the Night Warriors mass recruiting regime. With that being said, if we stop or continue, it won’t matter because Club Penguin already started their IP ban method.

You guys lost a loyal brother ally(AR) just because you kept starting beef with AR about their recruiting. I’ve seen them recruit and they do it 30 minutes – 1 hour before events. Two weeks ago when I asked you how to bypass the IP ban, you told me there’s no way and that the Nachos don’t recruit anymore. If the Nachos don’t recruit anymore, why in the world would you care if we bot recruit or not? A few minutes later, you PCED me saying that there is a way to bypass it but you went as far as attempting to make a deal with me. I don’t know what world you live in but I’m pretty sure brother allies are not supposed to lie to one another.

Funks even told you that he’ll put less bots on next time and instead of you thanking him like a normal brother ally leader would, you resorted to cussing him out.

We’re brother allies

Let’s start acting like one



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