Major Warning to Pretzels of CP

I like Pretzels, just not the army.

Hey Pretzels,

After you stooped as low as hiring the irrelevant hopper kid named “Redstar” to lead the Pretzels army, I was quite frankly worried for your army’s future. I don’t use the word ‘irrelevant’ much but this guy is literally cringe-worthy.

Earlier today, a brother of one of our moderators joined the Water Vikings army and was given a rank. An hour or two later, I saw said new recruit on Pretzels Chatbox, which prompted me to private chat him and ask how he got here, and who introduced him to this place. He replied “Redstar said if I join I’ll get owner”. After this response, I got infuriated but I held my anger in. Thankfully, this recruit told me he’s returning to the Water Vikings soon and this was just an experiment. Let it be known that the Pretzels of CP are also led by someone that goes under the name of “Lights”, who has access to a CP recruiting bot script. Over the past few hours, he’s been spamming bots on rooms (yes by spamming I mean 8-10 bots PER room) and telling people that rockhopper is at the server arctic for NO REASON. Nope, they aren’t even having an event.

With that all being said, if I see another WV troop stolen by the Pretzels army, you guys won’t be existent on the server map. PCP was an ally of ours in 2015 but the army’s current regime is laughable.

Fix your crap, or we’ll have to intervene.



6 Responses

  1. I’m a faggot

    • I believe you.

      • lol editing comments??? I’d expect that from you

  2. Smh. This isn’t the PCP i used to know & lead. 😦

  3. Any questions or concerns, please contact me on chat.

    • Thank you

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