Message to the two Bot Raiders

Hey raiders,

Again, I won’t name you two because I don’t want you guys to be incriminated for something that can be changed. You guys both have had trouble with the Water Vikings in the past. Most notably, me. I know I’ve done things to you guys in your armies that have led to your armies getting deducted, and you guys getting usurped but never have I resorted to ways of bot raiding just to take down your army. I spoke to one of the bot raiders the other day and he said I was the one that exposed him in the Ice Warriors recently and he wants to raid WV just because of that. If it was me, trust me, I wouldn’t be exposing you anonymously. It was already said by CPAC that an IW mod ratted on you and reported the evidence to CPAC.

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I hope you realize what you’re doing to the Water Vikings army is for nearly no reason at all and morally wrong. Did you guys see what happened to the Night Warriors? They were a huge army; an army that kept the community lively. Well, when they were dead, the community seemed dead for nearly a month. Now, we’ve taken the Night Warriors throne and I assure you that it may seem we’re multilogging but we’re not. If you guys don’t believe me, attend an event of ours. Bot recruiting WORKS, calling rogues from other servers WORKS. If they didn’t work, why in the world would we be bot recruiting for the entire duration of the day and going through all the hard work of making updated phrases, updated room IDS, and updated methods of getting rogues to stay and help our sizes grow and tactic-quality grow?

The army republic, our allies, did what we we’re doing the other day and look at their sizes. Are you going to call these people multiloggers too?

If you guys keep bot-raiding the Water Vikings and the Water Vikings fail to defend against the bots (unlike today), we’re going to fall in sizes and eventually die. I can’t hide from the truth, in fact, no one can. But what you’re doing is a suicide mission. IF the WV dies, there will surely be someone extremely angry and that person could lose their mind and other armies could face his wrath. Sort of like what ONE of you two raiders are experiencing at the moment. You’re angry at me and you’re going to go to certain lengths to take what I have.

Just drop it, please. What you’re doing is morally wrong and just an awful thing to do. Rather than bot-raiding and letting your anger take over you, be smart, think, and make the right decision – I sure as hell assure you that what you’re doing at the moment is clearly the wrong decision.

I can’t stop you

I can’t make you

But I can do one thing

And that is to guide you to the correct path and help save not only the Water Vikings, but the entire community


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