Clash of the Unforgiven Tournament Information!

Hey Vikings,

There will be a huge CP Army Central tournament on July the 9th. The tournament is called Clash of the Unforgiven. If you want to know how the tournament works, click read more


Date: Saturday, July 9th

Time: 2:00 pm EST

1:00 pm CST

12:00 pm MST

11:00 am PST

7:00 pm GMT

Server: Klondike

Click continue reading to view all the information about the tournament

For this tournament, there will be two teams of five. Look below.

Team 1
Golds – Beach
Night Warriors – Dock
Water Vikings – Town
Nachos – Stadium
Army of CP – Dock
Team 2
Wild Ninjas – Snow Forts
Rebel Penguin Federation – Plaza
Night Rebels – Forest
Ice Warriors – Cove
Army Republic Ice Berg

As you may see, we are in team one with a few of our allies. This tournament is simple. We start off in our starting room, which in this case is the Town, and we slowly try to conquer other enemy rooms while we defend our own room. Every 10 minutes, CPAC judges will check our stance and give points depending on how many rooms we have conquered. The town and the plaza have 2 points whereas other rooms have 1 points. Say we have the town and Stadium in our possession, we get 3 points. These points add up and at the end, the team with the most points win!

Hope you’re there and I hope you all  have fun at it!



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