WV Talk- Episode 1

Hello Water Vikings!

It is I your new Leader In Training, Crazy 186. I decided to start a new series called WV Talk. Essentially we will choose a member of the Water Vikings army of cp and ask them questions. I am sure all of you will learn something new and exciting about every member! So, who is our first member, who is starring in the first edition of WV Talk? Click the “Continue Reading” Button to find out! 

Frostbite Town- Starring in the first edition of WV Talk we have none other than WV Leader, Buddy!

Crazy: Buddy, are there any interesting facts or things members in the army may not know about you?

Buddy: Well, troops may not know that I am one of the only Canadians in the community! GO CANADA GO!

Crazy: Favorite sport?

Buddy: Hockey! Go Habs Go.

Crazy: Any tips for members and mods to earn and accomplish what you have done in WV?

Buddy: Well, seeing as it took my 6 years of army experience to reach my current status, I can only advise you to stay loyal to your home army (WV), work hard and make the right connections.


Crazy: How has WV gotten so big so fast?

Buddy: Well, having good owners helps, but we all become more active this past week and we have all been putting more effort. It seems to have payed off!

Crazy: Lastly, how big do you think WV can get this summer?

Buddy: Honestly, that’s up to us. If we keep working as hard as we are now we can reach heights literally unseen in armies. With that being said, if we slack off we will quickly see our sizes drop that’s why it is crucial we continue to maintain a high level of performance.

That’s all for the first episode of WV Talk! Who do you want to see featured next? Do you want to see some changes made in the format? Do you want longer interviews? Be sure to leave a comment below answering all of these questions! This is the first week/episode we have done so keep this in mind! I hope you all appreciate this! Your thoughts and opinions will always be valued so do leave a comment down below!



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