Make WV Fun Again!

Heyo Water Vikings!

Baby Flor here, with some awesome ideas for the Water Vikings future! All of you know that Club Penguin armies were made to have fun snowball battles and events on Club Penguin right? Well, normal events aren’t that fun anymore, for some people. For some, it can be the funnest experience of being in an army. But never mind that, events alone can’t fulfill the space of “fun” in armies, now can it?  Starting July 4th, the Water Vikings will be hosting awesome Club Penguin events, and not your everyday recruiting or training events, I mean Sled Racing Events, Find 4 Events, and even Dancing Contests for those who have Membership! Please press the Read More button to learn more about this.

Well, now that you’ve gone through the introduction of this new addition to the Water Vikings, let me walk you through the details. So, a list will be under this paragraph. The list will consist of all the events and fun tournaments that the Water Vikings can have. Only 5 can be done for now, but later on, more more fun events and tournaments can be held! The list is below. Follow the instruction that will be listed under the list.

  •  Sled Racing Contests

You play Sled Racer, which is found on the Ski Hill. Contests will range from the 4 person to the 2 person.

  •  Find 4 Tournaments

You play Find 4, located in the Ski Lodge. These tournaments will be held continuously as a 2 man match because there is no 4 person Find 4 game.

  •  Dancing Contests

If you have member you can use the multiplayer option to play with another contestant, if not, you’ll have to do it alone, and then take a screenshot of the results.

  • Igloo Contests

Whoever makes the best igloo wins.

  •  Zombie Invasion

Everyone logs on to a 1 bar server, and then depending on size, 1 to 3 people are chosen as green people, hence the zombies. The zombies will look through all of the Club Penguin island searching for the hiders, those who aren’t zombies. The hiders will be given 5 minutes to hide every match. Once the zombies see you, they can infect you. Once all the hiders are infected, the game is over.

  •  Who’s A Better Ninja?

Basic Card Jitsu game. Do you think you’re a better ninja? If so, BATTLE ME! NINJA VANISH!

  •  Hide And Seek

A simple game of Hide And Seek. If you aren’t a Seeker, you hide, and if you aren’t a Hider, you Seek!

  • Mancala Tournaments

Mancala. The hardest, and most skill requiring game on Club Penguin. This is only meant for the Champions.

Now that you have seen, and hopefully read the possible tournaments, and fun events that can be held in the Water Vikings, it is YOU, the troops, who choose what you want to play. Please copy the form below, and comment it on the Comments section. Remember, you can only fill in 5 of the possible fun events. Use the comment form below:

  1.  What is your name on the ranks?
  2.  What is your rank?
  3.  1st Event Vote
  4. 2nd Event Vote
  5. 3rd Event Vote
  6. 4th Event Vote
  7. 5th Event Vote


The vote will be taken in by the US Event on July 5th, 2016. Once the votes are in, the votes will be counted and added up to see the winning fun events!


7 Responses

  1. Zing King To

    1. Gangbang
    2. Building a wall around Commander Jack
    3. Naked Truth or Dare
    4. XXX Movie Night
    5. Giving Zing all the medals

  2. 1. Katie0715
    2. Leaderrr
    3. a. Find 4 Tournaments ❤
    b. Igloo Contests ❤
    c. Zombie Invasion
    d. Hide and Seek
    e. Mancala Tournaments

  3. What is your name on the ranks? Adden
    What is your rank? 2ic
    What 5 fun events do you vote for?
    1. Find 4
    2. Sled Racing
    3. Hide and Seek
    4. Who’s a better ninja

    • You’re missing one, but its ok! 😛

  4. 1. Chloe
    2. 3ic
    3. a. Find 4 Tournaments
    b. Sled Racing
    c. Hide and Seek
    d. Mancala Tournaments
    e. Zombie Invasion

  5. 1.Pikachu
    2.Viking Warrior
    a)Sled Racing Contests
    b)Mancala Tournaments
    c) Hide And Seek
    d)Zombie Invasion

  6. What is your name on the ranks? Goldenchippy
    What is your rank? Holy God of the glorious Water Vikings empire
    1st Event Vote Sled racing
    2nd Event Vote Zombie invasion
    3rd Event Vote Dancing contest
    4th Event Vote Find 4 tournaments
    5th Event Vote Who’s a better ninja?

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