Frostbite Mayor: Elections July 2016 [1/2]

Our capital is under control of the leadership, but who shall make the day-to-day decisions on how our capital runs? Who shall protect the troops and citizens who live within the borders of our glorious land? It is time to see who will be nominated the Frostbite Mayor of July 2016. 

In an election that takes place every 6 weeks, we shall elect a new Mayor of Frostbite, in one of the biggest roles of the army! 

To start with the elections, anyone of the rank of 4ic (Highest Mod) and above must comment on this post to get their nomination put forward. After all the nominations are put forward they will be put forward to a vote, where everyone within the army must vote for their choice of Mayor. Campaigning and putting forward your manifesto is a way forward of course!

If you wish to be a candidate, use the form below:

  1. What is your name on the ranks?
  2. What is your rank?
  3. Why should you be Mayor of Frostbite?

Good luck to everyone who applies.


WV Leader & President


7 Responses

  1. What is your name on the ranks?
    Baby Flor
    What is your rank?
    3ic / Ausia Leader
    Why should you be Mayor of Frostbite?
    I feel like me being the Mayor of Frostbite wont really make the army any better, its not like it’ll give me 50 multilogs. (wary) But, the reason I should be the Mayor of Frostbite is because my awesomeness will make Frostbite much better than what it is now, and once Frostbite is as awesome, I will make sure I have it become as awesome as Legend Brad. And once it becomes as awesome as Legend Brad, I can say WV is the best army of 2016.

  2. 1) ammar

    2) 2ic

    3) i want to be mayor of frostbite because i believe i can lead water vikings to 30+ in ausia(which i just did) and i can make frostbite the best army capital than any other army’s capital. GO FROSTBITE!i have attended all water viking’s event(except one) and everyone has appreciated me that im a great and loyal soldier of water vikings. i am gonna get the mayor election.(mostfully not bc funks doesnt want it)

  3. What is your name on the ranks? legent chap
    What is your rank? Holy God of the Water Vikings of Club Penguin Empire.
    Why should you be Mayor of Frostbite? Because I’m E Pengo’s father. E pengo is the person who created CPA, not oagalthorp!

  4. What is your name on the ranks? Zoomey
    What is your rank? 2ic
    Why should you be Mayor of Frostbite? I believe I should be mayor because I will not hesitate to protect Frostbite for the troops and will make sure to get troops of WV involved with making decisions about Frostbite to make troops feel wanted and respected!

  5. What is your name on the ranks? Jack
    What is your rank? LIT
    Why should you be Mayor of Frostbite?

    Because I’m the biggest, coolest penguin on the whole of Frostbite. No one on that server even dreams of messing with me, Skipper1267. I roam the fair land looking for troublemakers and I put them in their place. I pretend I am doing taekwondo kicks on all the Water Vikings haters. I’ll build a wall around Frostbite and get Summit to pay for it.

  6. What is your name on the ranks? Tes7
    What is your rank? Leader
    Why should you be Mayor of Frostbite? My love for the server of Frostbite dates back to ages ago; because of this I would do anything for the wonderful city. I will protect it against any attacks, I will help restore buildings, make sure citizens are happy. I will do whatever it takes. I know I can handle this responsibility and I will not let anyone down.

  7. What is your name on the ranks? Adden433
    What is your rank? 2ic
    Why should you be Mayor of Frostbite? As a year and a half veteran of the Water Vikings I feel that not only am I trustworthy enough to take command of Frostbite, but I am also very kind and compassionate to the people of the city. I am the former Duke of Frostbite, which I did not take for granted. I’d like to consider myself one of the most loyal members of the Water Vikings, having stuck with them as either a troop, or an advisor for the past year and a half. I am also a fun and loving member of the community, I try to give everyone a chance to give their opinion as well as stepping up as a fierce leader when need be. I do not show hostility towards other armies when it is not needed, a good quality that many people lack. Overral I feel that I should be the mayor of Frostbite because I am a loyal veteran of this wonderful army that is willing to give his all for the members!

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