New WV Tag Team Champions


Recently, we allowed Bepboy, Chip and Baby Flor to judge a Story Writing Contest between Zing and Katie  – and Picard and Zoomey. Now, the scores are in. The team with the highest score will become the new Tag Team Champions while the losing team will take part in a photo shoot!

With 96 Points…


With 136 Points…


We would like to congratulate our first ever Water Vikings Tag Team Champions, Zing King To and Katie. There is currently no Number One Contenders for these titles, so please contact Zing if you are interested in fighting for them.

Please also know that the WV Heavyweight Championship will also be defended tonight when Zing King To takes on Katie in a game of Truth or Dare. Before that however, part of the Tag Team Championship deal was that the losers would post photos of themselves wearing makeup on the blog, so without further ado, here you go:


Water Viking Leader in Training, Picard.

Water Vikings Owner, Zoomey



One Response

  1. LOL. that must have been fun. Nice makeup zoomey and picard!

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