[UK] Practice Battle Against Nachos Results!



Hey Water Vikings, 

Before I discuss the results, I’d like to make a personal announcement that I have decided to return to the Water Vikings and I hope I can contribute to our great run this summer! Anyways, today we battled our allies, the Nachos on the server Klondike (Fjord had bots). We managed to max 33 and average 30 throughout the battle, although towards the end of the battle things seemed to slow down. Big thanks to Funks and Apollo for taking pics. At the bottom is also a video, recorded by Jay/Lroids, of the event. Enjoy!

Note to the CP Army Central: The picture that displayed the word tactic “Unite” should not be counted towards our average size. This tactic took place after around a dozen soldiers logged off. It was rather a special-tactic after-event thing.

MAX 33

AVG 30

Note: The screenshot right below is not 28-30. Someone miscounted. The real size max here is 33.



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