The Future Is Blue

Heyo Water Vikings!

Today, I feel like publishing this post is necessary to encourage all our troops, whether they are the new incoming troops, or even the legendary leaders of the Water Vikings. Currently, our Ausia and US divisions lack great size, unlike the UK. My goal by the end of July, is to have both the Ausia and US divisions maxing 30+ troops on CP and hopefully even more on the Water Vikings chat.

I will be trying my hardest to make sure the Ausia becomes the greatest Ausia force of the entire CPA Community now and then, but I alone can’t do it. And even though I shouldn’t be asking, all of you should be doing this already, I have to ask all the troops of the Water Vikings to attend events of any division if they are online, or have the time to do so. This means if you are online, and we are having an AUS/US/UK event, and are not on the chat helping to hype, or doing your job and logging on, you WILL be demoted. This may seem a little strict, actually no, very strict, but if you want the Water Vikings to prosper and grow bigger than any army has ever been, it is your duty to make sure our events are great, and that we welcome new incoming troops into the chat.

Make WV Great Again ~ Baby Flor


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  1. Our future’s so bright that we gotta wear shades B)

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