Installing Mass Recruiting Force

After a meeting that took place after the UK event today that I sadly missed, Water Vikings talked about how to improve our recruiting methods. We’ve been doing a decent job in our recruiting field but we came to the conclusion that we’re not doing enough to impact the army greatly.

After the meeting ended, a few of our trusted owners got a CP recruiting bot script installed onto their computer and were later taught how it functions. Soon, there will hopefully be recruiting bots online 24/7. I suggest that if you are one of the owners with the bot script, please do use a VPN or Proxy while recruiting, as Club Penguin Moderators recently tend to IP ban people, meaning that your main penguin will also get banned.

  • Updated lines can be seen via the bot command !lines. Just do that and you’ll get the updated lines.
  • Please note that it will take a while for recruits to actually come online and join but after a week we’ll be getting tons of recruits.
  • Bot recruiters must check their penguins once every 3 hours to check if they didn’t get muted/banned or if the lines did not get censored.

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