Legend Cup Quarter-Finals – Results!

Hey-o everyone!

Today, we logged onto Klondike for our Legends Cup, Quarter-Finals battle against The ACP. However, after 5 different room changes, confusion on whether to stay online or log off, and bot raiding the entire time, we decided to log off. The event was not judged, so both Water Vikings and ACP will be moving on to face the Nachos in the Semi-Finals. However, today we did a decent job for slacking lately. We maxed a total of 24 Water Vikings and averaged 22 troops (including lockouts whom were not pictured). Remember guys, we have huge events every day, so make sure to attend! Click “continue reading” for pictures (taken by Funks and I), a song as usual, and to comment if you came!

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Throwback to when LT raided RPF so bad that they declared war, and one of their troops made this amazing video! Click read more to watch!

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‘Troop stealing is okay’ implies Silverburg

Hey Water Vikings,

Earlier today, Taco, RPF leader, known for troop stealing asked two of our owners to join the RPF. I then private chatted Silverburg asking him nicely if he could give a heads up to Taco and ask him to stop and instead of him doing so, he literally told me that owner stealing is completely okay.

LC today

Hey Water Vikings,

Legends cup round 2 is here and its today!

Make sure you check our event schedule for the battle times and you MUST attend or you will be demoted.

Farewell WV

I’d like to address the elephant in the room before it gets blown out of proportion later. I am indeed leaving WV to rejoin my former army and WV’S ally the RPF. This was my first army and I hope for it to be my last in the end. This isn’t personal, I haven’t betrayed anyone so don’t bring up bs like that. I’m also not joining RPF based on their current success these days. I’m doing what’s right for me. I’m rejoining RPF because this is my home and it’s where I’ve belonged. I know I have had issues in the past with some of the RPF staff and leadership but I have matured and learned to move past those issues. This isn’t a final goodbye from WV, like always, I’ll be around every once and awhile to help out the army. So until then, farewell and may WV continue having success in the long run. I’ll remove myself from the ranks and i’ll be on later so a main leader can demote me.

Picard has left the building everyone, peace out.

-Picard aka King Kunta[Former LIT]

Huge MANDATORY Event Today!

ATTENTION Water Vikings!

In the past two days, people have been lazy and as a result, have been slacking off majorly. However, never fear, Flexer Chip is here!

For today, I may not be on until the event, so I expect ANYONE WITH A RECRUIT SCRIPT IN WV TO BOT RECRUIT, and redirect. We must max sizes of 40+ today.


Saturday (TODAY!)


❗ Huge Legends Cup Training ❗

Server: Click Here For Server|| RoomTown


UK >> 8:30 PM << UK

EST >> 3:30 PM << EST

CST >> 2:30 PM << CST

MST >> 1:30 PM << MST

PST >> 12:30 PM << PST

IST >> 1:00 AM << IST

I’m Teasing You

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