Introduction of Tag Team Championships


One of the greatest things about the Water Vikings is the Fighting Organisation established by Zing King To. There are several different contests and the winner of each contest wins a prize, whether that be contendership or a championship belt. We currently only have one Championship, the WV Heavyweight Championship. We are now proud to introduce, however, the WV Tag Team Championships.

A press conference was held on the WV chat in which hopeful teams wanting a shot at the belt could step forward. Two teams did. Firstly, the team of Zoomey and Picard. Secondly, the oddball team of WV Heavyweight Champion Zing and Number One Contender Katie who have seemingly put aside their differences for the greater good.


Tag Team Championships

Zing King To and Katie vs. Picard and Zoomey

There was only one type of match that these two could take part in. A Water Vikings fanfiction contest. The contest will be judged by five of WV’s very best owners. They will read the stories and give marks out of 10 for each area. The scores will then be added up and the team that gets the most combined points will win.

The main rule of this contest is that the judges will not be told who wrote which story. They will be told the title of the story. If any competitor is found telling a judge what story is their’s, they will be disqualified. The judges have been selected as:

Bepboy РKingfunks4 РCommander Jack РJack Hazard РChloe

The stories are due in at the conclusion of Sunday’s event. The judges will then vote and give me their voting cards. The voting card looks like this:


Each judge will fill that form out. They will give a mark out of ten on how well they thought the characters were developed, a mark out of ten on the Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar, a mark out of ten on how original the story was, etc have they just copied another story. There will also be a mark out of ten for the plot, was it good start to finish which would be ten or was there a lot of plot holes? Finally, the last mark will be given on Enjoyment. On a scale one to ten, how much did you like it?

The winning team will be crowned the New Tag Team Champions, but the losing team will have to send the winners pictures of them wearing full makeup. 


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