Addressing Rank Activity

We are in no way doing badly, we’re still very active, thanks to some great, loyal, active troops. Some of you however, aren’t doing your bit. I’ll be addressing ranks as groups, and if this doesn’t wake some of you up, the next post I will be personally naming people, and lets face it, I don’t want to have to do that.

Main Owners

Most main owners are doing fine. I understand some of you cannot make it to events sometimes, that’s alright. I think a bigger recruiting effort need to be made. Contact me, Jack, on chat for the recruiting script.


Most of our activity comes from you guys. We have a lot of good recruiters and owners who are working hard to keep activity up and hyping for events. I see exactly 5 owners on the ranks who aren’t doing their bit. I saw 4 of them on chat, working hard up until now, but for some reason they are losing their activity. Don’t start that, not a good habbit. Overall, activity is great, some of you could use doing a bit more recruiting in order to get promotions. Again, contact me, Jack, on chat for the recruiting script.


It has been pointed out time and time again, you guys aren’t working hard. Only 1 or 2 4ics are actually actively attending. Where are the rest of the 4ics? As for the rest of the ranks, I only see maybe 3 other mods who attend events, and they don’t attend them everyday. Overall, you guys are letting us down the most. It physically hurts me to see that our mod ranks are so packed, yet nobody is even on the chat before events, nevermind during events. This should serve as a wake-up call to you guys, as I can see some of you getting fired. As for the active ones, you know yourself who you are, great work, you are the future owners. Our owners are great and active because they were the select mods who were always active not too long ago! If you want to lead this army one day, you have to work hard now.


This is more so directed at recruiters rather than any members.

We need more members, our member base is growing very fast, we have more members than mods at our events, which in one sense is good, but to be honest, is fairly disappointing since we need our mods. To our members, keep working hard, you all deserve mod once the inactive ones are gone, so keep attending events. Some of our members are autotyping, which again, is absolutely great.


Water Vikings Leader


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