WV Heavyweight Championship: Zing vs. Bep

Zing King To successfully defeated Katie a few days ago to become a two-time WV Heavyweight Champion. In order to finally celebrate his achievement, Zing decided to deliver an open challenge to anyone in the WV Locker Room and Bepboy was the one who took the challenge – a Grammar Battle for the WV Heavyweight Championship.

Following a heated grammar battle, Zing King To took the victory with 3 decisive points to 0 contested points from the challenger, Bepboy. The victory was short and sweet but marks Zing’s first successful title defense since winning the WV Heavyweight Championship for the second time.

Currently, the Number One Contender for the WV Heavyweight Championship is Duchess Katie who has a guaranteed rematch clause for a match against the reigning champion, Zing King To whenever she wants it up to an expiring 30-day period.



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