@ Trader & The Ice Warriors

Wow IW, I really didn’t think you could get any more pathetic. I don’t know if anyone else besides Trader was responsible for his “RIP CHIPPA” post, but it’s not cool. How much of an ignorant asshole can you be, Trader? Sure, WV and IW don’t like each other, but it’s just a fucking game man. Show some compassion when someone goes through what Chip went through. I don’t know or care what you think of Chip, but he’s actually a great and funny guy. I’ve never seen him be rude to anyone. No matter how much you hate someone, you could always show you’re human and could feel bad, instead of hiding behind your hate posts. How would you have felt if you had all that happen to you and then someone made fun of you? It’s actually quite disgusting if that’s what this community has come to, mocking people who go through tough times just because they’re on the opposing army. Everyone else from the community only showed compassion and showed that they felt for Chip. You could’ve done the same, but you just don’t know when to stop.

Grow up, kid.


~Buddy, Water Vikings Leader~


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