The Tragic Story of Chip leads to Permanent Retirement

Things have really not been working in my favor lately. I apologize to the Water Vikings and CPAC for letting you guys down. But I believe it’s my time to go. I haven’t done too much in this community but I’ve tried my best. I’m tearing up as I type this post but it doesn’t matter. None of this matters. It’s the internet. But here I am still typing away. 

This is enough information to give you guys the idea. I’m done and I really don’t want to get on xat anymore. But if you really want to know why I’m done with this place click read more..
1. Less than a week ago, I lost my grandma and grandpa due to a car accident. Since I’m in Turkey and they’re in Canada, I can’t go to their funeral. This really took a toll on me. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed (since on xat you can’t tell how someones feeling) but I’m really not feeling well.

2. This morning when I woke up and went for a shower, my aunt knocked on the bathroom door and told me to come out asap. I got worried and quickly got out. When I came out she told me that my bird escaped her cage and flew off. I spent hours trying to find her outside. I asked my neighbors. I even put those little signs on trees but theres no sign of her. She was a little bird and a cage-bird. She really hasn’t had experience with flying out freely and I am more than certain crows have ate her. May you rest in peace.

3. Something that really messed me over was the fact that I got torched. Yes.. I got torched on xat this morning as well. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t do anything and this was extremely uncalled for. All I know is that I lost over 450k xats, aka 1600 USD $, and 8 months of hard profiting went to waste. You guys don’t know how hard I worked to maintain my xats and days. It’s like irl business, the concept of everything is a carbon-copy. To whoever faked a screenshot against me, or to whoever framed something on me: I hope you can forgive yourself. I worked hard for this. It’s just not fair. I spent countless hours profiting. I spent countless hours thinking about how I’m going to encounter a deal. I’ve lost xats, I’ve gotten back up, but getting torched was never on the menu.

I’m going to name whoever I remember of below and write something about them. You might be one of them so if you’ve gotten this far, make sure to skim through.

I’m sincerely sorry to all those I’ve caused trouble to. I’m sorry Phin for doing all these things to you when you haven’t done anything to me. I hope you forgive me, and your forgiveness matters to me a lot.

I thank you Funks for being such a great leader and always by my side. Don’t let the haters get to you, they’re just jealous that they don’t lead the greatest army ;).

The Two Jacks. I thank you both for being great friends to me and great army members to work with. You know who you are.

Katie, you’re an amazing girl. You’re extremely nice and I’ve literally never seen you criticize someone. You were one hell of a leader to work with and I thank you for being around when I was.

Change and Bepboy, thank you for being great leaders and rising the Water Vikings to astonishing sizes. It was a blast to be in the army under your guys’ leadership.

Serpent, I don’t know you much but you were nothing but nice to me. I thank you for that and I wish you the best of luck in the romans. I’m sorry I’m not around anymore to help you out.

Verum, we started off bad but we eventually worked past it and we’re chill now. Thanks for being a chill guy. Stay frosty

Trader and Badboy. I never liked you two much. You two never liked me much. Despite our differences, I wish you the best of luck. At the end of the day, we’re all friends and I thank you two for being around when I was.

Hulk. You’re the nicest guy I’ve ever met on xat. Although you vanished for some time and I didn’t get to know you as much as I wanted to, I know you enough to call you the nicest person on xat. Thanks bro.

Bolt. You’re chill as fuck. Thanks for being around.

Ammar. I wish you luck in the Water Vikings. Make sure you stay around for this is the greatest army to be around with.

jay jay jay, big l: You’re a chill as fuck guy bro. Thanks for being around. maybe we can pop a few lroids in the future hahaha.

Wheelo: i knew i could always trust you. i gave you 20k xats to hold when i barely knew you and you gave it back. this year when u came back all ive told u has been kept a secret. you’ve been a big help to me and i thank you for that. good luck with ar. you’re an outstanding leader.

Yanks: i love u man. no homo aha. you’re a chill guy. shutdowncpa 😉

Goblin: you’re a good ceo. people that say you’re crap and all that can’t understand that cpa is dead and you’re doing extraordinary work given the circumstances.

mort: no man ur not getting her nudes

mittens: xoxoxo

soda: xoxoxo

madi: xoxoxo flip

anna: i dont know you much but you’re a pretty cool gal

zoomey: ur probably one of the few gay guys im chill with.

cynical: always been on ur good side. stay frosty.

buddy: lovin the recent activity within the army. keep up the good work man. canadian buddyyy

tes: u might wanna get active and start using wv to flex on the haters

stromae: You’re a respectful guy man. Thanks for all the advice you’ve given me. stay chill bro. I know you weren’t quinn.

kyle: ignore the haters. canadian buddyyy

cody: canadian buddyyyy

vivek: one of the greatest ausia leaders ive worked with.

ant: keep up the good work with golds. ur one of my fav leaders.

haroon: you never took this crap seriously and i like u for that.

Those are just people I remember right now. I can’t think properly so I’m sure I missed some of you guys. Thanks EVERYONE for being here for me. I will still be reachable via kik

my kik: xChippa

I’m sincerely sorry for leaving you guys. but we’re the water vikings. you guys can do it without me. you have funks, jack, katie, everyone. all the good troops are with the wv.

message to wv troops: stay with wv and you wont regret it

fear the wave

fight the good fight

& revolution of the night

signing out for the last time












24 Responses

  1. Awwwwwwh chip </3

  2. Oh god; I feel sorry for you 😦 . I hope you return sometime in the future. You were a great friend, El. Good luck with life; it may be hard, but I know you will succeed. Love you man ❤

  3. damnn, I’ll miss you homie. Hope things start looking up for you, no one deserves these kind of things!

  4. rip & farewell big chip
    Hopefully we keep in touch and all that, will miss you though. Hope it all turns around, Best of luck with whatever you move on too!

  5. Oh dear, I am sorry for all of your losses and wish you luck in coming over them. Sometimes shit like this happens in life, but you can come back in life stronger than ever – do them proud with what you do. There will be a big hole in the army with you gone, but your personal well-being and happiness far outweighs a CP Game. We are always here for you and I am ever thankful for what you have done for both me and the army.

    Thank you.

  6. Thanks Chip, we started off rocky with a rivalry during the champions cup. That rivalry continued into RPF, but we finally saw eye to eye on some things. Glad we improved our friendship for the better. Thanks for everything, pal.

  7. I’m really sorry to see you go. I’ve spent the morning trying to figure out if you can get your account back, all I’ve been told so far is to make a ticket…

    Sorry to see you go bro, I’ll really miss you. You’ve been a HUGE help to WV this gen, and the last one, and you’re work will have an impact on us until the end of CPA.

    Please come on xat and talk to us when you can. 😉

  8. I’m sorry about everything that you’ve gone through over this short amount of time. I hope things will get better for you man, you’ll be missed.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done. For the army, for troops, for me. You’ve helped WV so much and I’m really grateful for that. You’re such a great person, thank you so much. And remember, I’ll be there for you like you were for me, I promise you that.

    Much love man. ❤

  9. Sorry bro, hope you’re alright.

  10. Im sorry for what happened bro. Hopefully everything gets better for you and you get right on track!

  11. i didnt know him well but poor thing 😦 hes made the right decision though

  12. Success and failure are a part and parcel of everyday work life’s highs and lows. But the memories of working with an inspirational , respectable and chill guy like you will never go. One love my brotha. Stay strong my friend and farewell.

  13. Awee Chip, gonna miss you, why has xat gotta be an actual bi*ch. You’re one of they many straight people I’m chill with !! … Anyway, gonna miss ya bud! See ya around :3

  14. I’m so sorry Chip. After l was so shocked to hear that time when you lost your grandma and grandpa, and then your bird and now your xats,days and powers. Things has been going wayyyy too far Chip. Somebody is torching you with fake pictures, l agree and that should apologize back to you because that isn’t fair. Chip, you have been a great NR leader last week ago and also 2 weeks ago when things get so much easier. Chip, you are also the funniest guy l ever met, and that we always hangout sometimes, thank you for helping me and thank you for standing up for me. You’re a great kid, and l also remember you from AR and IW. It’s very sad to see you go, l’ve lost a great friend like you and l didn’t know this would happen. I’m crying in tears man, Goodluck in life. Never let the haters get to you as well, ty for your kind words towards me. I’m gonna miss you man. Love you Chip the Dino, Nooby guy. :3
    Farewell Chip, it’s has been a fun ride with you during in CPA!
    ~Kyle103 Former WV LIT, Retired NR Leader &Legend

  15. I’m really sorry for all that’s happened Chip. You didn’t deserve any of this crap that’s been happening to you. I wish you the best of luck in life . Things will turn out okay, don’t worry about it. We’ll miss you.

  16. Forgiven.

  17. To those of you who keep saying I framed Chip, stfu. I’m not a paid user on cat, and can’t make a ticket. Cheers mate.

    • yes I know. Phishing, scam, and locked out I believe you don’t need to be paid.

  18. you forgot to add legend brad to your list man.

  19. I’ll miss the times we had together Chip. I’d like to say “see ya around” but I doubt that that is gonna happen so I’ll say that it was nice knowing the wonderful person you are.

  20. I will miss you

  21. damn bro, i’ll miss you. all this shit happening at once, i know how it can feel 😦

  22. Nooooo Chip :(((( </3

  23. i will always stay frosty <3. Goodbye my friend

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