-Funks Edit-

Where are you on this page Flen…..? Should we be adding you to it????

*Chip edit*

Funks: IW leader: Led to 60+. WV leader led to 75+. ACP leader led to 45+. He even led an army when he was like 12 to sizes of 25+. CPAC ceo twice. CPA legend

Flen: 3ic in forty armies.

Just stop tryna flex, Flen. You’ve been known for bot raiding, chat raiding and so many more things. No one looks up to you going “wow man, that’s a good owner” No, you don’t even get that. People think of you as a bot raider. Come back and flex when you can pay your own rent and when you stop copying and pasting  5000-worded articles from the internet as flame posts. Funks was far more relevant than you when he was leading PW.


  • Stop posting you are making yourself look like a fool.
  • Leaders of IW and WV have moved on (Matt, Chip, Silver and I spoke and agreed to cool it). 
  • Look at what I’ve done and what you’ve done, you can’t call me ”trash”.

Have some events and stop flooding your site with posts about our army, we know you love us but chill out a bit.


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