WV Heavyweight Championship: Katie vs. Zing


As many of you know, Zing King To was recently defeated by Katie after 72 successful days holding the WV Heavyweight Championship. Wasting no time, Zing decided to cash in his rematch clause and the date and time was agreed for 23:00 UK on Tuesday 21 June. Unfortunately, the reigning and defending champion, Katie failed to appear at the agreed time.

The Chief Executive Officer of WV Wrestling then counted to ten in the main chat to allow Katie the time to come on and defend her title. Katie failed to do so and therefore was stripped of the WV Heavyweight Championship and the belt was given to the Number One contender, Zing King To.

As always, Katie does have a guaranteed rematch clause that she can cash in for 30 days. It’ll be interesting to see when Katie chooses to cash in her rematch clause.



6 Responses

  1. yaaaa lest ggoooooo

  2. Bull. I don’t loose my title, I told you several hours before that I needed to change the times. I don’t loose the title, it’s postponeddddd

    • Nope, we agreed a date/time yesterday. Your rematch will be when ever you want!

      • That’s dumb. You just wanna be selfish with the title, you know it l ol

      • :p Still waiting for you to announce the date of your rematch clause mwahaha

      • I got a lot of weird dates lately, not sure yet when

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