Ice Warriors are cheating

Ice Warriors are cheating

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Basically, the title says all you need to know. Funks commented on Ice Warrior’s website approximately 2-3 days ago without a vpn/proxy and in these past two days, he’s been getting booted offline constantly. Andrew24 possesses a booter, everyone knows that. He booted WV owners & leaders off during the WV-IW 2015 war. Most importantly, he was at the event today, and funks gets hit offline. Nothing suspicious, right?

There are a few penguins IW accused of being WV multilogs. These penguins were:

Sheapasta, Hakeem, Wwefan, WVfan, Garfield

I can tell you right now that NONE of these penguins WV multilogs/troops.


Ice Warriors attempting to frame us.

First of all, if we were to be multilogging, we wouldn’t be stupid to log penguins on with zero stamps. No one would be that stupid.

Second of all, only WV editors(meaning that only wv outsiders attempted framing us)┬ácan edit the ranks. If these were multilogs, we’d add them to the ranks.. wouldn’t we?

Click pictures below to enlarge

Weird. None of them are on the ranks!

Smart play though.

Boot funks off –> log off 2-3 of your multilogs that you’re trying to frame us with –> blame it on funks

If these were our multilogs, we’d stop using them after they got accused. Sort of like when Badboy’s firefinger1 in IW got accused :P.

(Watch IW use new multilogs next event)

All these penguins will be marked as void, and will not be counted towards our size.

Keep trying, IW.

You know you can’t surpass us legitimately

IW died a long time ago

~ Chip


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  1. lmao i didnt know drew was still at this give over

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