Introduction of Tag Team Championships


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[USA/UK] PB Results vs RPF & ACP



Hi WV,

Today we had a PB against the ACP that was also joined by the RPF that ended with a bot raid, but we still managed to give the bots a good fight! We maxed 40 on chat and about 34 logged on to CP at most, so we did well despite the raid! Below are a few pictures we had:

MAX: 34 



  • Tes
  • Jack
  • TigerLionApe
  • Jamstand23
  • Rd
  • Savage

A Vision of LC

Guys I had a vision and a That’s So Raven moment. I see what our chat size will be during Legends Cup finals.

LC Finals

But twice that.

-Apollo // Water Vikings Second in Command

Okay then…

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WV has a Billboard in NYC

Since the Water Vikings have very dedicated leaders, one of our leaders, Jack, decided to put his annual income into purchasing a billboard in the middle of New York City.

Expect recruits to come in packs of thousands

How does it look?

Goldenchippy Responds to the WV haters

shoutout to moses for the incredible film directing

Our AUSIA Division is Ready!

*Edit 1* Size counts added to pictures

Heyo Water Vikings! Today the AUSIA division logged onto Blizzard yet again for a training session in which we maxed 25, and attained averages of 23. Good job WV! Always be sure to come online during AUSIA times and see if we’re going to have an event.

We got bot raided in the middle of the event but we didn’t back down! The bots eventually logged off and we continued with our recruiting session!

More pictures will be added later!

Make sure you comment if you came!

MAX: 26



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