The End Of A Remarkable Chapter – LOCKDOWN

We reached numerous first placements, several tournament finals and record breaking sizes of 80+ – but there is always an end to the success and a generation that has lasted nearly a year is coming to an end today. The reason for the end of the generation is due to inactivity that has come into the army from top to bottom within recent weeks and months. While at times there have been decent weeks, bad ones have been coming into the army too often and this is an army that needs success and the inconsistency of the army has come to an end now. The Water Vikings will be back, so be sure to return when they do come back later this year (June/July).

I would like to thank all the leaders, owners, moderators and members who contributed to the domination of our army over the past year. I have worked with many of CP Armies top leaders, such as Change and Bepboy, and some of the most committed who have held the army together through 2016 in Jack and Katie. All the other leaders and owners have also helped to reach incredible heights – but I must thank you all for contributing to such an amazing ride. I hope to be a part of the success when the army returns in the future if I am still around when this happens, but I feel it is best for the army as a whole if this shut down/lockdown is in place for a bit to regroup and recover.

In the past year the Water Vikings have gone from being known as a normally Medium sized army with a few good patches in the summer to one that can dominate armies at any time and any place when we put our full might together. We will go down in the record books as one of the great armies, with this generation topping the Blue Summer of 2014 and the successful patch in 2015.

Thank you – I hope to see you soon.

P.S. If you wish to still hang out on the chat that would be fantastic and would join you in doing so. If you wish to join another army while we are in lockdown I recommend one of our allies such as the Nachos, LT & AR. 


80+ in the Legends Cup Final.

50+ in the Champions Cup Final.


The Water Vikings were a constant force in 2016.

CPAC 2015 Awards.





Water Vikings Godfather


5 Responses

  1. Rest easy, hope to see you guys back soon.

  2. it was a good run, rest in peace.

  3. Can’t wait to start fresh with a new generation!

  4. Depressing but enlightening. We will rise again, but it’s a good time to take a break. We shall be back! #WaveAfterWave ❤

  5. Its very sad to hear, but WV will be back hopefully.(im hoping) 🙂 It also was a good run here.

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