Merge Of GMA

Chip: Welcome to the Water Vikings, Green Mercenaries.

And the rise continues…

I am proud to announce to merge of a former CPAC army; The Green Mercenaries Army.

In this merge they leave their old home behind and come to find refuge within the Water Vikings ranks. Let us greet them with the respect and honour they deserve. The Water Vikings is always welcoming to any troops who wish to join us in our fight for justice.

Katie: Green Mercenaries, you have fought hard and we now welcome you all to join us. We welcome you with open arms, or flippers if you please. ❤

It was only a few days ago we defeated The ACP in a battle which we, to say the least, DEMOLISHED them.

Also, proud to announce 16 new servers to our arsenal. Patrol them with all your might in the honour of the Water Viking United Servers:


Ice Pack




Snow Cone


Snow Covered

Northern Lights




Ice Box

Belly Slide




Water Vikings Leader


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