Ban Order

Okay, this is a private post so only owners can see this. Basically, I’ve been dealing w/ this Chey, Sam and Bolt thing and it’s really getting annoying. Chey’s coming to the chat to start fights w/ both Sam and Bolt. She’s now started to harass and threaten me as apparently me and Sam should pay off some XAT debt she’s got. She’s asked people to “threaten to ddos me” and I’m sorry, but I’m not prepared to have someone who’s trying to threaten me, Sam and T1 if we don’t pay her debts for her on chat. She doesn’t log in either so it’s not a major loss.

I ask that all owners respect my decision here by not unbanning her. Obviously, I explained what had actually happened to the guy she got to threaten me, and he’s cool with me now. So basically, Chey’s lied, threatened, harassed more people than one including a WV owner and a WV moderator.

I’ve therefore banned Chey, and once again ask you all to have the respect for me not to unban.


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