We Have Membership Codes!

Hey There!

Hello troops, we have membership codes now. I have found a working membership generator which can generate hundreds of codes per week. So… Get attending events, checking the battle schedule and recruiting!


– Membership codes can be handed out for successful events.

– Membership codes can be hidden on our battle schedule.

-Membership codes can be found on random posts.

-Memberships can be won in Water Vikings Troops Only raffles!

You can win – Get active to win.

Dozens of codes given out each week – Each code can be stored for a later time for you to use if you win more than one code. Each membership lasts a week and each week you have a great chance to earn one.

Come along to our events!


Water Vikings Leader


3 Responses

  1. ive been hunting everywhere for a cos and i cant seam to find one can i be sent one please ?

  2. i cant seam to get a code any where can i be sent one for the free membership please?

    • They’ll be handed out AFTER EVENTS so make sure to attend! Please, check our battle schedule.

      On the schedule it’ll tell you when our next event is! 😛

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